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China Intelligent Liquid Bitumen / Asphalt Spraying Truck


What is Liquid Bitumen / Asphalt Spraying Truck?

Asphalt Spraying Truck is also called Asphalt spreader is an intelligent, automatic and high-tech product specialized in emulsifying asphalt, diluting asphalt, hot asphalt, high viscosity modification and other asphalt, which monted all the equipemtns on a truck chassis.

Bitumen / Asphalt Spraying Truck is also can be used for spreading the permeable oil, waterproof layer and bonding layer of asphalt pavement bottom of high-grade highway.


What are the main equipments on a Bitumen / Asphalt Spraying Truck?

The sprinkling truck is composed of automobile chassis, asphalt tank body, asphalt pumping and spraying system, thermal oil heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system, control system, pneumatic system and operating platform.

Can we easily operate the Bitumen / Asphalt Spraying Truck?

The truck is easy to operate, on the basis of absorbing various technologies of similar products at home and abroad, it increases the quality and technical content of the construction and highlights the humanized design of improving the construction conditions and environment.

How about the quality of the Bitumen / Asphalt Spraying Truck you make?

Its reasonable and reliable design ensures the uniformity of asphalt distribution, computer control stability and reliability, the technical performance of the vehicle has reached the world’s advanced level. The car can work under worse conditions after all aspects of our company’s improvement.

Is there any detailes about Bitumen / Asphalt Spraying/ distributor Truck

Asphalt distributor truck

Asphalt distributor truck – control box in cab, you can control the distributor in the truck cab directly.

Asphalt distributor truck

Asphalt distributor truck – inner view of the control box, which we can control the distributor valve independently.

Asphalt distributor truck

Instruction manual, all notification/attentions, which we should care about the truck while working.

rear picture of Asphalt distributor truck

Rear platform, piping system, heating system, control system, and spraying system…

Which models of Bitumen / Asphalt Spraying Truck do you have?

Basically, there are 2 main parts of a truck including the truck chassis and the truck body. So we can choose many truck brands like Dongfeng, Howo, Jac, Isuzu, …and then the capacity we can choose from 3000 liters to 20000 liters and more bigger ones we can make it to be trailers. Here we give some Bitumen / Asphalt Spraying Truck models for your enjoyment.

1. Howo 5000 liters / 1200 Gal Bitumen/ Asphalt Spreader Truck

Howo 5000 liters Bitumen Sprayer Truck

2. Dongfeng 8000 liters / 1800 Gal Bitumen/ Asphalt Spreader Truck

Dongfeng 6 cbm Bitumen Sprayer Truck

3. Foton 10000 liters / 2200 Gal Bitumen/ Asphalt Spreader Truck

Foton 10 cbm Bitumen Sprayer Truck

4. Howo 3 axles synchronous gravel seal asphalt truck.

Howo Synchronous gravel seal asphalt truck

This is another comprehensive synchronous gravel seal asphalt truck, we will give more introduction of this truck model.

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