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Success Cases

  • side view of howo garbage compactor truck

    Howo 5000L garbage compactor truck, this is the first unit garbage compactor truck which our customer bought from us. For the sample order or others consideration, the customer give a quick order confirmation only within 1 days from the first contact between us. Thanks the support, and we will show you the best quality trucks made by us. And we …

  • Dongfeng 4x4 all wheel drive water fire fighting truck

    Brife introduction of this success case: This is the 3rd same model truck (Dongfeng 4×4 AWD 5000L water fire fighting truck ) our customer/friend buyfrom us for different end customers. Thanks for the trust and the support to me to our company. First Picture: Dongfeng 4×4 AWD all wheel drive truck chassis for water fire fighting truck Second Picture: Dongfeng …

  • China Disinfection Truck to UAE

    45 units Dongfeng Kingrun Disinfection Trucks export to the United Arab Emirates Dongfeng Kingrun, the classical dongfeng chassis, TDM the famous & professional fog cannon system, Chengli the best & largest special vehicle manufacturer… Cheng Li Group as China’s largest manufacturer of special vehicles, we are also to protect the beautiful home of the “special steam people.” In the face …

  • HOWO T5G 8x4 Aluminum alloy fuel tanker

    HOWO Aluminum alloy fuel tanker truck, new & beautiful howo T5G series fuel truck, waiting for inspection, and will be delivered to customer asap. HOWO T5G; truck; T5G-V cab; MC07.34-50 engine; HW13710CL gearbox + HW50 flange power take-off; Front axle (disc); MCY11 self-adjusting arm double rear axle (drum); double-decker frame (8+4/280); domestic steering machine; front and rear rear air suspension …

  • 60 units truck with crane for Djibouti country

    Chengli Solar Cleaning vehicle represents the high-end manufacturing industry of China’s special-purpose vehicles. The first batch of model vehicles are sent to the country of Ukraine from the “the Belt and Road”. Cheng Li standardized intelligent multi-functional municipal dredging vehicles are popular in the market. 5 units of such mud transport trucks to Africa. Chengli large-scale(100 tons) full-hydraulic truck-mounted crane …

  • Faw heavy duty tow truck

    6 units heavy duty towing truck for Yutong company, made by chengli wrecker factory. FAW Chassis, 240 hp engine, BUS dedicated 12 tons rear tow arm. 1, equipped with 240 hp six-cylinder engine, strong power; 2, row semi-luxury body, 5 tons of front axle, 10 tons of rear axle, 1000 wire tires, Shaanxi tooth small eight-speed transmission. 3, 12 tons …

  • Dayun dump truck with Electric hydraulic Tarpaulin

    3 units of Dayun dump truck with Electric hydraulic Tarpaulin will be sent to shanghai port soon later today.

  • Dongfeng swing arm garbage truck

    Dongfeng swing arm garbage truck to Africa Good News!  CLW 20 units swing arm garbage trucks+100 units garbage boxes are ready now, will depart to Shanghai for shipping to Africa.

  • Dongfeng 3 axles truck with changxing crane

    Dongfeng truck with CX crane for Pole Planting, we are Pole Planting truck/ vehicle manufacturer, factory, supplier… Also we can add the hole drilling machine/ equipment, Fixtures, hooks, hanging baskets, such specialized devices on it. Please contact us directly.

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