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China LPG tanker truck / Trailer / Skid Station factory


We are the biggest special vehicles manufacturer in China, and the same we make different kinds of LPG tanker truck / Trailer / Skid Stations.

The Best Quality, The Best Price, The Best Seivice.

First, i will take you to know what is LPG.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), the main components of LPG are propane and butane, with a small amount of olefins. LPG is stored in a storage tank in a liquid state under appropriate pressure, and is often used as a cooking fuel, which is the liquefied gas we often use. LPG has been used as a fuel for light vehicles for many years. LPG can also be stored in storage tanks to provide fuel for automobiles.

And here today the LPG we said nearly all are used for house cooking, which needs a clean & nearly no pollution gas. And another most important usage is to supply fuel for cars as the cheap price and economical & more environmentally friendly such advatages.

Please see below a picture of the LPG transport vehicle, whch can be a mobile LPG supply sataion. This is the popular LPG truck we make for the market. But we may see more bigger ones like 20000 liters tank trailer or even 30000 liters LPG trailer.

Howo 8000 liters LPG tanker truck

Ok, I will give some basic introductin of the 3 kinds of LPG tanker we make for the market.

The first one is the SKID STATION.

5000 LITERS LPG skid station

SKID STATION, the above picture, you can see a large tank and some equipments which linked together for a whole. The tank can be 5000 liters, 8000 liters, 15000 liters or any capacity you want. And the equipments included:

LPG station Part list:
LPG Tanker: 5000L, 8000L, 10000L, 15000L, 20000L, 30000L…
LPG Filling Pump 2″ inlet & 2″ outlet
China Motor 380V with 220V adapter
LPG Filling scale 3-300 kg cylinders
Cut-off Valve J41N-40 DN50
J41N-40 DN15
Safety Valve A42F-25 DN50
Pipe Safety Valve A21F-25 DN15
Ball floating level gauge UQZ-2.5P
Discharging pipe L=4M DN50/DN25
Shock-absorbing Tube L=500mm DN50
Flange 2.5MPaDN15

LPG Pump & Motor Specification:
PumpBrand:China local famous brand
Medium Liquid petroleum gas
Material Nodular Cast Iron
Liquid Delivery Value 5.2m³/h~15m³/h
Inlet & Outlet Flange 2″NPT / 2″ NPT
Motor Brand China local famous brand
Specification 7.5-10HP(5.5KW), Explosive Proof,
Dual Frequency 220V to 690V, 50Hz and 60Hz supplies applicable

LPG Cylinder Filling Machine Specification:
Electricity Voltage AC220V
Power 40W
Maximum Weighing 150kg
Measurement Precision ±0.5%
Rated Working Pressure 1.6Mpa
Working Temperature -40ºC~+40ºC
Anti-explosion Mark Exdeib II BT4

The Second one is the LPG TANK TRAILER 

20000 liters LPG tank trailer truck

LPG tank trailer Schematic diagram


LPG TANK TRAILER , from the words we can see it’a a big tanker which can be dragged by tractors. This is for large LPG gas transport and sometimes the longway trandsport for a better cost saving. The capacity can be 20000 liters, 25000 liters, 30000 liters or even 40000 liters, 5000 liters…the axles can be 2 axles or 3 axles, or 4 axles, all up to your requirement and the capacity loaded.

LPG Tanker Trailer Main Parts:

1. LPG dispenser 2. LPG pump 3. LPG liquid level gauge 4. LPG safty valve 5. LPG pressure meter 6. LPG thermometer 7. LPG liquid phase 8. LPG gas phase 9. LPG Emergeny Cut-off Valves 10. LPG tanker truck manhole 11. Tanker 12. 2/3/4 axles trailer chassis. 13. Painting.

The Third one is the LPG TANK TRUCK 

Howo 8000 liters LPG transport truck

LPG TANK TRUCK, it’a truck and we mounted all the LPG tank and equipments on it to be a mobile LPG transport and filling station. Some times it’a small truck with 5000 liters or 8000 liters tank. This is the most popular LPG vehivle in the market. And for sure you can have a more larger tanker like 10000 liters, or 15000 liters.

And the truck you can choose Dongfeng, Howo, Isuzu, …those famous brand in China.

Bigger ones you can check below:

China Howo 5000L – 10000L bobtail LPG filling truck


Believe above those you have had a clear version of the LPG tanker products.

For more about it, please check below:

And if still some doubt about it, please ture to us directly. sales@cl-spv.comHowo

For others more enjoyment / CASES below:

20000 liters China LPG tanker

30000 liters upground or underground LPG tanker.

30000 liters LPG tanker trailer with tractor

Dongfeng tractor with 3 axles 40000 liters LPG tank trailer for SANCO VENTURES AND INVESTMENT LTD.

20000 liters LPG tanker

15000 liters LPG tanker for MULTILINK CO LTD

25000 liters LPG tank trailer truck

Dongfeng tractor with 3 axles 40000 liters LPG tank trailer for Q.Z GAS

3 axles LPG 30000 liters LPG trailer truck

Many more successful cases we make in the past years, and we win good fame in world market. Just contact us foe more. Thanks


LPG tank trailer Description & Applications:

LPG tank trailer, LPG gas trailer tanks, LPG semi trailer tank, LPG tank semi-trailer is mainly used to transport LPG to Filling plant, LPG depot etc. we can provide 38000 liters to 59500 liters LPG tank trailer,  16MT to 25MT LPG tank trailer.


LPG tank semi trailer is tractor head connecting LPG tank trailer. Compared with the ordinary single type tank car, semi-trailer tanker carrying LPG can effectively improve the transportation efficiency. In the case of the same tonnage, reduce transportation costs, save LPG consumption.

LPG tank trailer in the rear of the tractor is approximately the similar, ordinary more are double (two axles), or bridge (tri-axle) points, according to the need to choose the traction head. And we can fabricate different axle and tires models in according to customer’s requirement.

We also produce all kinds of  Q345R LPG tank trailer , Q370 LPG tank trailer , Q340 LPG tank trailer ,  ASME  LPG tank trailer with various international standards .


LPG tank trailer design and production advantage :

  • The various types LPG tank is researched and manufactured by stress analysis design and has obvious advantage of large capacity.light weight and high efficiency.
  • We inspect the quality of lpg tank product strictly,ensure that A and B type of welding seam pass the examination of level two radiographic test,C and D type of welding seam pass the examination of level one radiographic test.
  • There are domestic or imported safety accessories with high quality ,its matching is complet for lpg tank.
  • The anticorrosion coating of LPG tank adopt the following process, sandblast, spray painting ,purging and so on.
  • LPG tank Designing pressure:0.7~2.16Mpa  Designing temperature:500


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