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sinotruk dust suppression truck

What is dust suppression truck?  Similar names of dust suppression truck in China?

Dust Suppression Truck is a comprehensive water truck which can spray water mist in a long distance like 100 meters or longer to 150 meters. As it can control small ash/dust in dry environment effectively while the water mist spraying, so we call it dust suppression truck. And sometimes we can use it to be a Pesticide Spraying Truck, and Anti-epidemic/disinfection vehicle/truck (please see more introduction in the later explanation)

So we call it dust control truck, anti dust truck, multifunctional water truck, Pesticide Spraying Truck, Anti-epidemic/disinfection truck …

What are the main parts of a dust suppression truck?

A Dust Suppression Truck includs truck chassis, water tank, diesel generator, fog cannon system,…

What is the usage/function of a dust suppression truck?

A dust suppression truck combines the function of water transport, water mist spraying, dust control, road spraying, …

The main principle is the fog cannon spray the fog/ water mist into air, in this process it can suppress the dust in the air.

It mainly used in construction site, mining area. Besides, it also could work as a water sprinkler truck to wash and clean the road on city road.

Another, while adding some pesticide into the water and then it can kill the pesticide effectively in the garden or Shrubs, forests, orchards,…So then we can call it a Pesticide Spraying Truck.

But in 2020 year, it played another important role in the world: Anti-epidemic/disinfection vehicle/truck. As the fast spreading of Covid 19 in the world at the beginning of 2020, we start using this truck to spray anti epidemic disinfection potion in large area. As a result, it took good effect and won high honor in this battle. And in the early of 2020, we exported 45 units such disinfection trucks to UAE. That is the best witness.

How we select a dust suppression truck?

Before we select a dust suppression truck, we should know what we use this truck for? And back to the above the main parts of a dust suppression truck. You should consider the tank capacity of the truck, the praying distance of the fog cannon you want, then talk with our sales man, we will recommend you the truck brand and truck models. And the next, we will show you a full list of the truck parameters, water tank, generator, and fog cannon details.

What other models we can choose beside the dust suppression truck? – Here we only talk about the dust suppress products.

  1. Independent Fog Cannon unit. For this model, the equipement should be in a fixed place, where there are water supply and industry power. We can add simple wheels on the base of the Fog cannon.
  2. Fog Cannon trailer. This is a trailer which combinate all the equipments (Fog cannon, water tank, generator) in one whole unit.

For all above 2 models, we can choose the size of them according to your requirement. And you can tell us the real condition of your side, then i will show you the recommendations.


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