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    SHACMAN SX 2190 6×6 heavy-duty off-road vehicle appeared in Wuhan Commercial Vehicle Exhibition Speaking of Shaanxi Auto SX2190 in China, I believe that many military fans will not be unfamiliar. It is a new generation of off-road vehicles developed in 1985 by the Shaanxi Automobile Manufacturing Plant, a subsidiary of the China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation, which introduced Steyr …

  • What is Fire Truck

    Introduction of Fire Fighting Truck What is Fire Truck? Fire trucks, also known as firetrucks, are vehicles specially designed for firefighting or other emergency rescue purposes. Fire trucks are the general term for all types of firefighting vehicles equipped with various firefighting equipment and firefighting appliances. They are currently the main fire fighting forces fighting fires. Tools are the most …

  • joint dredging truck

    Today, I would like to introduce the cleaning of sewage suction trucks to card friends. Do you remember the original sewage suction truck? The function of the previous sewage suction truck or fecal suction truck is very simple, that is, it can function. At the rear of the tank there is a large self-dirty valve with a size of 10 …