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  • 2023 chengli tea meeting

    On January 31 (the tenth day of the first year), the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce held a New Year tea party for private economic people in the province at Donghu Hotel. Ning Yong, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and director of the United Front Work Department, Hu Yongzheng, deputy director of the United …

  • Howo 20000 liters 20 ton water truck

    All together 6 units Howo 20000 liters 20 ton water truck to Zimbabwe on 27th Jan, 2023 These following pictures are the howo truck chassises at factory waiting the assembling of tanker. This above show the assembly job finished, and trucks will be sent to the painting room. And these Howo water trucks are in the painting room. following are …

  • Dongfeng 10 wheels truck with crane

    Dongfeng 3 axles truck with xcmg crane to Kenya This is the classical (first generation old model of Dongfeng) 3 axles Dongfeng truck with XCMG telescopic boom with model SQS300-4 (12 tons crane). Dongfeng 3 axles crane truck, this is the cheapest crane trucks in the market but with good quality trucks. Engine of Dongfeng 3 axles truck with xcmg …

  • Howo 10000 liters concrete mixer truck to Tanzania

    Howo concrete mixer trucks, all together 6 units to Tanzania. Under the fast development of the infrastructure, there is a big request of construction equipments, like what we talked today the concrete mixers. Howo concrete mixers are the top quality mixer trucks from China, the capacities can be from 3000 liters, 5000 liters, 8000 liters, 10000 liters, 12000 liters, 14ooo …

  • welcome home aerospace heros

    Tonight, the Dongfeng landing site will welcome back 183 days on a business trip to the Chinese space station Shenzhou XIV astronaut CHEN Dong, LIU Yang, CAI Xuzhe Welcome home aerospace heroes! After the three astronauts returned to the ground Will ride “Suizhou Intelligent Manufacturing” separately Hubei Chengli 3 “medical supervision medical insurance cars”! Stay tuned! Heroes triumphant! Stay tuned! …

  • Shenzhou XV manned spacecraft launched successfully

    Congratulations on the complete success of the launch of the Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft, and the completion of all 12 launch missions in the key technology verification and construction stages of the space station. Chengli news: Good news came from the launch site of Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft, the medical supervision medical insurance vehicle developed and produced by Chengli Group …

  • Howo 20000 liter 20 ton sewage truck to Ghana

    Howo 20000 liter 20 ton sewage truck to Ghana These are 2 units Howo sewage trucks, which will be sent to Ghana via China shanghai port soon. These 2 howo sewage trucks are not under general 6×4 but all wheels drive Howo 6×6 truck chassises. The truck chassises are made by Sinotruk Howo chassis factory, and the vacuum sewage tankers …

  • Isuzu GIGA vacuum sewage truck

    Isuzu GIGA 20000 liter 20 ton sewage truck Basic information of Isuzu GIGA 20000 liter 20 ton sewage truck Product name Isuzu GIGA vacuum sewage & jetting truck Brand ISUZU GVW 25000KG Cab seat 3 Air Conditoner Yes Fuel type Diesel Engine brand ISUZU 6HK1-TCH Power 300HP Emission Standard Euro 5 Drive Type 6X4 Transmission 9 forward gear,Manual Wheelbase(mm) 4650+1370 …

  • Dongfeng 20000 liters 20 ton garbage truck to Zambia

      Dongfeng 20000 liters 20 ton garbage truck to Zambia Dongfeng garbage truck to Zambia, a Africa country. We sell many many garabge turcks to Africa nearly all countries in Africa land, the countries are:   Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, …

  • LiuHui-Chengli Honor

    Let’s first give our highly welcome to the two people above who are the “Chengli Honor People 2022” The first one is LiuHui, general manager of Chengli Sanitary & Emergency Equipments factory. Second one is DuXinke, who is the general manager of Chengli Special Van truck factory. And here below are their working history and the contributions given to Chengli …

  • Hubei leaders Zhao Haishan visited chengli

    On the morning of October 12, Zhao Haishan, Vice Governor of Hubei Province, accompanied by the main person in charge of Suizhou City, went to Chengli Automobile Group to investigate the R&D base, electrophoresis line construction and production and operation of new energy vehicles, and guide the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to seize opportunities for steady development. Chengli Special Automobile …

  • Sinotruk Howo 8x4 heavy tow truck to Nigeria

    Basic information of Howo 8×4 heavy duty tow / wrecker truck This is the Sinotruk Howo brand 8×4 30-40 tons heavy duty truck with 20-25 tons tow/ lifting truck, under the engine WD615.47/ 371 horse power, with 2 x 10 tons winch. Basic usage of Howo 8×4 heavy duty tow / wrecker truck As heavy duty tow trucks, the main …

  • Beiben 25 tons crane truck to Zambia

    Simple description: Beiben 6×4 3 axles 25 tons truck with xcmg 8 tons knuckle boom crane to Zambia. We sell many special trucks to Zambia( a fast developing country in East africa), including water tank trucks (water bowser for many people call it like it), vacuum tank trucks, garbage compactors trucks, … and this time the crane truck. As crane …

  • Chengli People China National Day

    All Chengli People enjoy China National Holiday from 10.01 – 10.07 / 2022 We celebrate our great China Prosperity and our peoples’ living standard better and more contribute to world people. October 1st is the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. In 2022, Chinese people will enjoy a 7-day public holiday (October 1-7).

  • Isuzu 600p water truck to Philippines

    Isuzu 600p 5000 liters water trucks to Philippines All together 6 units of isuzu water trucks this time, all are made of stainless steel tank for drinking water transport and supply, with a capacity of 5000 liters. Isuzu ELF 600p is the classical model of Isuzu, mounted a 120 horse power engine in euro 5 emission standard. It’s made in …

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