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  • Chengli Yiwei New Energy Truck new chassis launched

    Date: May 28, 2023 In an exciting development for the domestic new energy market, the Chengli Group’s subsidiary, YI Electric, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Three-Electric System. Comprising of a power battery, a drive motor, and a vehicle control module discreetly integrated within the vehicle’s body, this cutting-edge technology is set to inject a new wave of vitality …

  • Chengli Cup Spring Games

    In the bustling city of Suizhou, the annual Chengli Cup Spring Games kicked off with great fanfare on the 26th April 2023. The event, which is one of the largest sporting events in the city, draws athletes from all over the city to compete in a variety of sports. The Chengli Cup Spring Games feature a wide range of events, …

  • Sinotruk Howo 20000 liters sewage truck

    Which model chassis we choose for a big sewage truck? Why is Howo? When it comes to heavy-duty trucks, the HOWO brand is a popular choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient option. The HOWO chassis, in particular, is a versatile and sturdy platform that can be customized to fit a variety of different applications. One of the key …

  • Twigs, weeds, green roses, pruning truck

    As a seasoned expert in special vehicles, I am excited to introduce the Green Hedge Trimming Vehicle, a garden maintenance product developed by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. This vehicle combines the functions of green trimming and collecting in one machine, making it an excellent choice for garden maintenance. Highway Maintenance Vehicle with Greenery Trimming Function Roadside Vegetation Trimming and …

  • JMC Group Leader visit Chengli Group 2023

    On April 1st, Chengli Automobile Group and Jiangling Motors Group (JMC) deepened their comprehensive strategic cooperation. Mr. Qiu Tiangao, Chairman and Party Secretary of JMC, led a delegation to visit Chengli Automobile Group to provide guidance on their work. The two automakers signed an agreement to further collaborate on a range of areas, including research and development, production, and marketing. …

  • 25000 l sewage tank trailer

    The latest news from the automotive industry reports that a batch of semi-trailer sewage suction trucks is ready for export. These trucks feature a two-axis Fuhua bridge and a tank capacity of 22 cubic meters. The suction system is powered by a Weichai 420 horsepower engine and a Shandong Zibo SK-42 water circulation pump. The rear cover can be hydraulically …

  • Batch Dongfeng road sweepers delivery ceremony

    On March 24th, Chengli Auto Group held a ceremony at their new factory to mark the bulk export of Dongfeng street sweeping vehicles. The event was a significant milestone for the company, which has been rapidly expanding its production capabilities in recent years. The ceremony was attended by senior executives from Chengli Auto Group, as well as representatives from Dongfeng …

  • Dongfeng snow remove trucks to Middle Asia

    Snow remove trucks introduction Snow removal trucks are specialized vehicles designed to clear snow and ice from roads, highways, parking lots, and other surfaces. These trucks are equipped with various snow removal equipment, such as plows, snow blowers, and salt spreaders, which help to remove snow and ice from roads and make them safe for travel. Snow removal trucks come …

  • Heads' further education and Chengli business development

    After Cheng Aluo, chairman of Chengli Group, studied Tsinghua NEED, he led senior executives to launch a whirlwind pragmatic diplomatic strategy for enterprise development—- returning from a hundred battles and then studying, reading and understanding the way and fighting a hundred battles. From February spring breeze like scissors on February 25 to the warm spring season when Yang Liu is …

  • Sinotruk Howo 10000 - 12000 liters water truck

    What is a water truck? Introduction of water truck A water truck, also known as a water tanker, is a type of specialized vehicle that is designed to transport and distribute water to various locations. Water trucks are commonly used in a variety of industries, such as construction, mining, agriculture, and firefighting. Water trucks typically have a large tank, which …

  • Dongfeng road sweeper truck

    Introduction of Road Sweeper truck A road sweeper truck, also known as a street sweeper truck or a street cleaner, is a specialized vehicle designed to clean and maintain streets, highways, parking lots, and other public areas. The main function of the road sweeper truck is to remove debris, dirt, and other materials from road surfaces and public areas, improving …

  • Foton & Chengli Cooperation 2023

    New Year 2023 start: Lu Xiaohong, a strong woman of the Futian Times Division of Chengli Chassis Supply and Marketing Corporation, signed a large order for 5,000 units with Foton Forland at the beginning of the year, sounding the horn for the two-wheel strategic development of the group company.

  • 2023 chengli tea meeting

    On January 31 (the tenth day of the first year), the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce held a New Year tea party for private economic people in the province at Donghu Hotel. Ning Yong, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and director of the United Front Work Department, Hu Yongzheng, deputy director of the United …

  • Howo 20000 liters 20 ton water truck

    All together 6 units Howo 20000 liters 20 ton water truck to Zimbabwe on 27th Jan, 2023 These following pictures are the howo truck chassises at factory waiting the assembling of tanker. This above show the assembly job finished, and trucks will be sent to the painting room. And these Howo water trucks are in the painting room. following are …

  • Dongfeng 10 wheels truck with crane

    Dongfeng 3 axles truck with xcmg crane to Kenya This is the classical (first generation old model of Dongfeng) 3 axles Dongfeng truck with XCMG telescopic boom with model SQS300-4 (12 tons crane). Dongfeng 3 axles crane truck, this is the cheapest crane trucks in the market but with good quality trucks. Engine of Dongfeng 3 axles truck with xcmg …

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