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  • Chengli & Dongfeng recommendation meeting trucks

    On the morning of May 27, the sun was shining and the sky was clear. In the picturesque garden-like square of the chassis building of Chengli’s new factory, Chengli Automobile Group and China Dongfeng Automobile Industry Import & Export Co., Ltd. Deeply cultivate special vehicles and go to sea together” large-scale recommendation meeting for new commercial vehicle products. The leaders …

  • Hubei Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) 2022 New Leadership Team

    On May 27, the 13th Congress of Hubei Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) opened in Han. Wang Menghui, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the meeting and emphasized that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on the development of the non-public economy, meticulously implement the decision and …

  • Party and Government leaders visited Chengli Group

    Highlights: Party and government leaders including Xie Donghui, member of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Political Commissar of the Provincial Military Region, visited Chengli Group to inspect the development of the special automobile and emergency industry.  More on: https://www.chengli.co/party-and-government-leaders-visited-chengli-group.html

  • Chengli’s New Aim & New Journey in 2021

    International market: At the beginning of the new year, Chengli Automobile Group exported large quantities of hazardous chemical vehicles to Tanzania, achieving a good start for foreign trade. https://cltruck.wpengine.com/download/New-Start-Chengli-2021.mp4 Domestic market: From the sixth day of construction to the beginning of March, orders from various factories continued to be dispatched, and the market was booming. “Starting is running, the beginning …

  • Headline The second meeting of the annual work of Chengli Automobile Group in 2020

    Headline: The second meeting of the annual work of Chengli Automobile Group in 2020 Recently, the second meeting of the annual operation of the professional factory of Chengli Automobile Group was held in the meeting room of Building 6 of the old factory area of Chengli Automobile Group. This meeting mainly focused on summarizing the completion of the announcements of …

  • Chengli Automobile Group resumes work and production

    Headline: A letter from Cheng Li Automobile Group to its full-scale resumption of production and resumption of production and Cheng Alu’s general manager to the employees-the capital of China’s special automobile industry presses the fast-forward key of economic and social development to release the strong momentum of the special automobile and emergency industry. Yangchun March 16, in Hubei, China, there …

  • Chengli Automobile Group's 2019 Painting Skills Competition ends successfully

    Carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and build quality Chengli —- Chengli Automobile Group’s 2019 painting skills competition has successfully concluded and a commendation conference is held In order to thoroughly study the spirit of the Nineteenth Euro Congress of the Communist Party of China, and actively respond to the suggestions of the Suizhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government …

  • Suizhou City, the capital of China Commercial Vehicle

    Chengli Automobile Group’s technological innovation products were unveiled at the Wuhan International Commercial Vehicles Exhibition. Mayor Guo Yonghong led a team to visit the exhibition area to inspect the Chengli network red special vehicle. From November 1st to 4th, Suizhou special vehicle transformation and upgrading featured products were unveiled at the Wuhan International Exposition Exhibition Center, and dozens of special …

  • Foton Truck cooperation with Chengli Group

    Ma Rentao, President of Futian International, led a high-level business team to visit the work of Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd. From October 21st to 22nd, Ma Rentao, President of Foton International, led the company’s high-level business team to work for Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd. The members of the business group are Wu Xiangqi, vice president of Futian International, …

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