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Foton Aoling sewage suction truck

Introduction of Foton Aoling 5000 liters sewage suction truck : This is an introduction to the chassis and equipment specifications of a Foton Aoling Jieyun cleaning and suction truck. The vehicle features a Foton Aoling Jieyun 1695mm driver’s cab, a 132 horsepower national standard six diesel engine, 2800mm wheelbase, central locking, power windows with remote control, a 5-ton reinforced rear …

Foton G7 Vaccine transport truck

Foton G7 freezer Vaccine transport truck Foton G7 is a classical truck/ bus chassis made by Foton, and the Freezer Vaccine box is made by Chengli refrigerated factory. Foton G7 chassis introduction The Foton G7 chassis is a type of commercial vehicle chassis produced by Foton Motors. The G7 chassis is designed to be the foundation for a variety of …

Foton 4wd refrigerated truck

Foton 4wd 8 ton refrigerated truck From above picture you can see that this is a Forland refrigerated van truck, which a sub brand of Foton made by Changsha Foton company, and the truck body is made by Chengli refrigerated van truck factory. Main specifications of Foton 4wd 8 ton refrigerated truck Vehicle Name Foton refrigerated van Truck General Truck …

Foton & Chengli Cooperation 2023

New Year 2023 start: Lu Xiaohong, a strong woman of the Futian Times Division of Chengli Chassis Supply and Marketing Corporation, signed a large order for 5,000 units with Foton Forland at the beginning of the year, sounding the horn for the two-wheel strategic development of the group company.

Foton 20000 liter 20 ton water truck

Foton 20000 liter 20 ton water truck, this is a big/ heavy duty water tanker mounted on Foton GTL 2543 truck chassis. Main truck specifications of Foton 20000 liter 20 ton water truck Vehicle Description Foton Water truck Main Parameter Chassis brand Foton 6×4 Chassis Condition 2023 model/ unused / not repainted Driving type 6X4 LHD Cab Foton GTL, A/C, …

Foton 15 ton Dump truck

Foton 10-15 ton Dump truck (also called tipper truck), this is a medium model dump truck under Foton truck H7 chassis, which the chassis made by Foton and dump truck body made by Chengli dump factory. Basic specifications of Foton 10-15 ton Dump truck Truck Name Foton Dump Truck 4×2 Main Brand FOTON Model CLW5160FDDT3 Drive 4X2 LHD Wheelbase 3900 …

Foton Dental truck

Foton Mobile Dental truck, this is a new model mobile dental truck for the people who need tooth / oral cavity/ mouth inspection or some simple treatment. This truck is special designed to go some far remote areas that do not have hospital near around. It is convenient to take all equipments in the truck. From the outside, we take …

Foton Forland 4x4 awd truck chassis

Foton Forland 4×4 awd truck chassis, this is another sub brand of Foton called Forland which mainly make light duty truck chassis. Main specifications of Foton Forland 4×4 awd truck chassis Vehicle Name Foton Truck 4×4 all wheels drive General Truck Brand FOTON Truck Model CLW5100FLT4 Drive LHD/4X4 AWD CAB Single cabin 2 doors Wheelbase(mm) 4200 Whole Size(mm) 6500×2100×2500 Box size(mm) …

Foton RHD dump truck with crane

Foton RHD dump truck with crane, from above picture you can see it’s a deep pink Foton Auman dump truck and a knuckle boom crane mounted on it. Sure, this one is also cuscomized for our customer from East africa – Kenya.

Foton TM refrigerated Van truck

Foton TM refrigerated Van truck, also called freezer truck, frozen truck, fresh transport truck… This is the light duty series we say small van truck issued by Foton company, and we chengli refrigerated van company make the refrigerated body. Foton TM refrigerated Van truck – chassis information It is the TM series cabin with foton diamond logo, with model of …

Foton Aumark street sweeper truck

Foton Aumark road / street sweeper truck Foton Aumark is one classical represent truck model in light duty trucks, and can be used for many special trucks like Foton Aumark water truck, Foton Aumark fuel truck, Foton Aumark wrecker truck, Foton Aumark refrigerated truck, Foton Aumark aerial truck, Foton Aumark lorry truck… Foton Aumark road / street sweeper truck, here …

Foton 5 tons tow truck

Foton Aumark wrecker truck, also called Foton wrecker truck, Foton tow truck, Aumark wrecker/ tow truck… Foton Aumark wrecker/ tow truck This is the light duty tow truck, which mounted the cummins engine/ ISF2.8s, 130 horse power. The up structure (tow truck body) size is 5100x2300mm, with a loading of 3-4 tons, for the loading of private cars. All two …

Foton ES7 15000 liters water truck

Foton ES7 15000 liters water truck Foton water truck, we are the biggest water tanker truck manufacturer in China with a annual output of 3000 units. For this model foton water truck, the capacity can be 8000 liters, 10000 liters, 12000 liters, 15000 liters…and the standard front & rear & side water spraying, also a platform with far distance spraying …

Foton LED advertising truck to Nigeria

Foton LED advertising truck to Nigeria, this is not the first time we export trucks to Nigeria country –  the biggest country in west africa. It’s important to any business if you want to enlarge your business in the local quickly, especially for the promotion. How? The mobile LED truck is your best choice. And our advertising customers have proved …

Foton LED advertising truck

Foton LED advertising truck, is also called Foton LED truck, Foton advertising truck, Foton mobile promotion truck, Foton mini advertise promotion truck… Main parameters of Foton LED advertising truck Engine: DAM15KL, 116 horse power, gasoline engine, 1500 cc displacement, LED screen, P3, P4, P5, P6; Size: 3000, 4000 x 1800x1500mm For the screen, there are three side we can choose …

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