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Difference between Cleaning & sewage suction truck with Joint dredging truck


Today, I would like to introduce the cleaning of sewage suction trucks to card friends. Do you remember the original sewage suction truck? The function of the previous sewage suction truck or fecal suction truck is very simple, that is, it can function. At the rear of the tank there is a large self-dirty valve with a size of 10 inches, such as: mixed with suspended debris, small bricks, and gravel, which cannot be discharged. There is also a place where there is no water inside and outside of the tank, and it cannot be cleaned. Sometimes a high-pressure water gun is needed to wash the objects to crush, open, clean up, and achieve the function of dredge. Such words are very “embarrassing”.

joint dredging truck

In order to avoid the above “embarrassing” situation, a joint dredging vehicle (cleaning sewage suction vehicle) has been developed on the market. The main performance and function of the joint dredging vehicle, I still have to talk about it carefully here. The combined dredging vehicle integrates the functions of flushing, dredging, sewage suction and reverse drainage. The sewage suction part is suitable for various liquid and semi-liquid (such as: septic tanks, sewers, rainwater wells, inspection wells, sludge in sedimentation wells and about 10mm Stones), as well as the suction, shipping and discharge of sludge, feces, waste water and other media under various trenches, and can also be used for emergency treatment of sudden environmental pollution accidents. It can also be used for sewage suction in septic tanks and sewers in residential areas, projects, schools, farms, etc., or for the cleaning and transfer of mud at the construction site, crude oil transfer in refineries, and many other tasks.

The main function of the high-pressure cleaning part of the joint dredging vehicle is to dredge sewers, sewage pipes, dead-end mud ditch, but also to clean industrial drainage pipes, walls, etc., and to clean roads and square grounds. Water (extra-strong pressure, flow) forms a reaction force in the sewer, so that the high-pressure sprinkler advances to break up, push up, and clean up the blockage in the pipeline to achieve the function of dredging. The vehicle has a reasonable design structure, excellent performance, and operation Flexible and simple. The joint dredging vehicle is to clean the sewage suction truck, just the difference in name, the performance and function are basically the same.

Some friends will say, how big are your water tank and sewage tank? How many are there? Let’s talk about the tank body first. The tank body is made with the announcement picture. There are two types of square tank and round tank. There are blue car models that can be driven by the C certificate, and there are larger models with a 4 meter 7 wheelbase that are yellow cards. The tank size is: 1.5 square water purification tank, 3.5 square sewage tank. 3 square water purification tank, 5.8 square sewage tank. 3.5 square water purification tank, 5.5 square sewage tank. Finally, there are 4 square water purification tanks and 8 square sewage tanks.

At present, the most used models on the market: Dongfeng Doric D6, D7, D9, Tianjin, 145 and 150 specialty, most of the engines will be Yuchai, Chaochai or Cummins machines. The basic configuration of the tank body, the cleaning part: the cleaning tank is made of 4mm WISCO carbon steel, with a water pipe, and a Tianjin Tongjie high-pressure cleaning pump is installed, with a pressure of 21Mpa, a flow rate of 135L / min, and a 60-meter internal diameter 19mm cleaning steel wire hose Ten alloy nozzles of different calibers, with a coiling force of 1800N, a coiling speed of 0-25m / min, a propulsion force greater than 180N, and a diameter of 10-80 cm water pipes and sewer pipes.

Sewage suction part: Sewage suction tank is made of 6mm WISCO carbon steel, with sight window, hand washing device, anti-overflow valve, SK-6 water ring vacuum pump (optional oil pump), 8m 4 inch sewage suction steel wire rubber The tube and the tank tail are equipped with a 100mm sewage ball valve. The tank body is equipped with a hydraulic lifting system. The rear cover is hydraulically opened and closed. It has a self-unloading function and can be pressurized and forced. There is a partition board inside the tank to prevent the deformation of the suction tank.

You can also choose to install the clean water tank suction tank interconnection, anti-overflow alarm device, solid-liquid separator, anti-corrosion treatment in the tank, sprinkling function, etc. according to the requirements of the situation. Card readers, seeing the above introduction, do you think that cleaning the suction truck is much better than the one without the cleaning function before.

At present, there are Euro V and Euro VI models of vehicle emissions, and the card users will choose according to the actual situation of the local vehicle management agency. Another most important issue is the total quality of the vehicle. In fact, as long as the friends who have used or seen it know that cleaning the sewage suction truck is indeed overweight, but this does not affect it.


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