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What is Fecal suction truck? Introduction of Fecal suction truck


What is Fecal suction truck? Introduction of Fecal suction truck

Dongfeng 8000 liters fecal suction truck

Fecal suction truck

Fecal suction trucks are mainly used in special vehicles for cleaning and cleaning in septic tanks, sewage ditches and sewers, as well as sprinklers and garbage trucks, and are called the three major sanitation vehicles.

Mainly for the urban and rural sanitation departments to suck and transport feces and other sewage. Suitable for suction of feces, sewage, sludge and liquids mixed with small suspended debris, suitable for municipal sanitation, large, medium and small industrial and mining enterprises, communities, schools, etc.

● Product classification of fecal suction truck

Classified by brand: Dongfeng Fecal Suction Truck, Jiefang Fecal Suction Truck, Foton Fecal Suction Truck, JAC Fecal Suction Truck, Heavy Duty Truck Fecal Suction Truck, Shaanxi Automobile Fecal Suction Truck.

Classified according to appearance: single-bridge suction truck, double-bridge suction truck, flat-head suction truck, pointed suction truck
Classified by species: Xiaobawang Fecal Suction Truck, Dolica Fecal Suction Truck, Sanping Diesel Fecal Suction Truck, 145 Fecal Suction Truck, 153 Fecal Suction Truck, 1208 Fecal Suction Truck
Classified by purpose: Dump suction truck
Other categories: Fecal suction truck pictures, Fecal suction truck prices, Fecal suction truck functions, Fecal suction truck uses

● Applicable scope of suction truck

Septic tank cleaning and transfer, urban pipeline cleaning and dredging, and factory biogas slurry cleaning.

The composition of the fecal suction truck: oil-water separator, water-gas separator, special vacuum suction pump, volume pressure gauge, pipe network system, suction pipe, gravity valve, vacuum tank, communicating device (fecal window), automatic protection Overflow valve.

● Purchase Fecal Suction Truck

1. Pay attention to the quality of the plate, the degree of vacuum tightness, and poor materials are likely to cause problems such as tank deformation.

2. The choice of vacuum kit, the pressure-bearing capacity and the perception of temperature difference. The Veyron series products are the first domestic kits.
3. The selection of the back flow valve is based on the local operating environment and temperature difference.

● Suction truck maintenance knowledge

Before installing the fecal suction truck, install the pump under the car beam with a suitable frame, angle iron, and hoop. The position of the pump, left and right, front and rear, is determined by the axis line of the output shaft of the power take-off, which is different from the parts of the car beam. Try to get close to the power take-off and beam in case of interference. The inclination of the connection between the pump shaft and the output shaft of the power take-off shall not be greater than 7 degrees.

The suction port system pipeline is strictly prohibited to leak, otherwise it will affect the vacuum degree, and the exhaust pipe should also have no leakage to prevent the vacuum oil from being discharged, polluting the environment and wasting energy.
Since this pump is an oil-sealed pump, sufficient N32 mechanical oil must be maintained during normal operation. No. 32 refrigerating oil should be used in the cold winter season in the northeast and northwest. The oil plays a role of sealing clearance and lubrication, but the oil in the pump will also be affected by When exhausting, it is taken out of the pump. Therefore, it is necessary to install a primary and secondary oil and gas separator outside the exhaust port to fully separate the oil and gas. The oil is recovered and then used by the pump. , And save energy.

● The correct installation of the vacuum suction pump of the fecal suction truck:

1. Air leakage in the pipeline is not allowed, otherwise the suction truck will not work.
2. Anti-overflow device must be installed in the bucket of the suction truck, otherwise it is easy to suck the fecal sewage into the vacuum pump when the suction truck is in use, which will damage the whole system.
3. The oil return port of the first-stage oil-gas separator of the suction truck is connected with the oil-return port of the second-stage oil-gas separator, and the oil suction pipe must be a hard pipe or a hard oil-resistant rubber pipe (wire braided rubber hose). Plastic pipes deformed by heat are not allowed.
4. When using a new pump, the suction truck should directly add 1-2 liters of No. 32 mechanical oil to the pump, and add No. 32 refrigerating oil when used in cold areas in the northeast and northwest.
A water-gas separator should be installed at the suction port of the pump.

● Precautions for Fecal Suction Truck

To work, the vacuum pump of the fecal suction truck must first understand its working principle. The more important thing in the working principle is the consideration of power source and stability. The power of the vacuum pump comes from the chassis engine. The engine is transmitted to the vacuum pump through the gearbox, power take-off, and drive shaft. When sucking sewage, the vacuum pump draws out the air in the sealed tank to form a negative pressure, and uses the atmospheric pressure outside the tank to press the dirt into the tank through the sewage suction pipe. When the sewage is discharged, the vacuum pump puts the atmospheric pressure outside the tank into the tank, and uses air pressure to discharge the dirt out of the tank (the continuous working time of the vacuum pump generally does not exceed 30 minutes).

The flow sequence of the air flow in the gas path is as follows: when sucking dirt, the vacuum pump sucks the air with a certain humidity in the tank into the water-gas separator, where the water is separated and flows back into the tank, and the gas enters the vacuum pump through the four-way valve along the pipeline. Air inlet. In the pump, it is mixed with lubricating oil and discharged from the exhaust port through the compression chamber. In particular, the mixture is initially separated through the coarse filter, and the separated oil flows back to the oil pump. The mixed gas is further separated by the oil-gas separator, and then enters the four-way valve to be discharged into the atmosphere. Manual operation of the four-way valve can change the direction of air flow, and suction and discharge are free.

When the vacuum pump of the fecal suction truck is finished every time, it is necessary to formulate the corresponding inspection of the fecal suction truck according to the different working intensity of each time to ensure the working life of the fecal suction truck and the second working efficiency

Brand of Fecal Suction Trucks in China:

Dongfeng vacuum Fecal Suction Truck, Howo vacuum Fecal Suction Truck, Jac Fecal Suction Truck, Foton Fecal Suction Truck, Shacman vacuum Fecal Suction Truck, Isuzu vacuum Fecal Suction Truck, …

China factory direct sales of vacuum Fecal Suction Trucks, Chengli group, the biggest special vehicles manufacturer in China.

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