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Chengli Group’s New Year Address


Dear comrades and friends, colleagues in the national special automobile industry, OEMs and suppliers of special automobile parts, partners in the emergency industry chain, as well as the special automobile sales managers in Suizhou City and all employees of Chengli Automobile Group, I wish you all a happy new year!

As the saying goes, “When the great ocean rages, the pillar stands firm; when the majestic mountains tower over, the main peak is seen,” we have bid farewell to the passionate, challenging, and progressive year of 2023. Throughout this year, we have weathered through winds and waves, experiencing both setbacks and triumphs. However, our primary focus has been on diligent and governance, yielding fruitful results. Chengli people are both ambitious and committed to innovation and development. In summary, it is through hard work that we achieve our ideals, and through struggle that we fulfill our hopes and dreams.

As we reflect on 2023, the achievements of Chengli Group in key projects, significant measures, and important technological innovations, as well as the countless Chengli people who have ventured into entrepreneurship and innovation, are still fresh in our minds. These memories fill us with emotion, inspiration, and gratitude.

Chengli Automobile Group fired the first shot in the hydrogen energy special vehicle manufacturing industry on January 13th, signing a contract for 150 hydrogen energy concrete mixers and commencing mass production. This move made Chengli the first company in the domestic special vehicle industry to enter the hydrogen energy field, leading a new trend in the industry.

Following this, on February 8th, with the support of the Suizhou City Committee, the Suizhou City Government, and the District Committee and District Government, Chengli Automobile Group completed the construction of the largest shared electrocoating painting production line for special vehicles in the country. With an annual output of 150,000 tons, it filled the industrial gap in the automobile industry of China’s special vehicle capital.

During the period from January to February, Chengli Group achieved a successful start to the year, accumulating sales of 1,730 special vehicles over two consecutive months. It became the only company to exceed 1,000 vehicles in monthly sales, capturing a market share of 20% and ranking first in the industry.

On March 24th, a new product recommendation conference was held for Chengli Xiantu AI robot street sweepers. The company led the industry by entering the intelligent unmanned special vehicle and emergency equipment market, setting a new standard for the industry.

By July, the Group had successively completed the construction of the Chengli Dongfeng high-end water sprinkler production line and the Chengli Shaanqi standardized production line. Additionally, the third automated and intelligent hook arm garbage truck production line had also completed its investment planning. These projects further solidified Chengli’s leading position in the traditional municipal sanitation and environmental protection field.

On August 15th, Chengli Group’s first phase of the 2.28 MW photovoltaic power generation project in collaboration with Sunshine New Energy was connected to the grid, and the second phase of the 18.8 MW photovoltaic power generation project officially commenced construction.

On October 27th, Chengli Automobile Group, in partnership with Chengdu Yiwai New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., completed the construction of a national leading new energy chassis and vehicle production line, which officially commenced operations. With the full range of products coming off the assembly line, Chengli took a significant step forward in the new energy special vehicle field, contributing to the national strategy of energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieving carbon neutrality and carbon compliance targets.

On October 31st, as the Shenzhou XVI spacecraft returned, the customized medical monitoring and rescue vehicle provided reliable support and services for the astronauts once again, contributing Chengli’s strength to China’s space exploration endeavors.

Looking ahead to 2024, Chengli Automobile Group will celebrate its 20th anniversary. This will be a year filled with dreams and hopes. The group will continue to advance the implementation of major projects, strengthen the construction of sales channels, improve the agent network, and deepen the cultivation of project investment and product bidding. Additionally, the group will focus on intensive market development and external joint ventures. The group will lead its development with red culture and party building, increase efforts in technology research and development, optimize product quality and production safety, commit to environmental protection and green development, enhance corporate culture and brand building, strengthen talent cultivation, and promote the construction of digitalized and intelligent factories, striving to build a world-class enterprise.

Chengli welcomes you! Thank you all for your support. We wish our friends, partners, and the Chengli family a healthy new year, all the best, with dragons and phoenixes adding auspiciousness, and great success and well-being!

Factory News

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