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Celebrate the National Day and start a new journey


“Home is the smallest country, the country is tens of thousands of families”, with a strong motherland, there is a prosperous and healthy homeland, this is the expression of the most simple patriotic thinking of the Chinese, and it is also the most sincere feelings of ordinary people for home and country; On October 1, 2023, the People’s Republic of China will celebrate its 74th anniversary, great mother, we sing for you, praise for you, and rejoice for you!

There is a kind of pride, called Chinese; There is a kind of pride, called Cheng Li Soul; There is a kind of leap, called the speed of the Cheng force; There is a kind of enterprising, called Cheng Li Qi; There is a mission, Chengli only builds the best special purpose cars!

There is a kind of responsibility called craftsmanship; There is a kind of responsibility, called persistent concentration; There is an attitude called active work and positive action; There is a feeling called silent dedication, hard work, industry to serve the country!

There is also a kind of attachment, called Damei Chengli!

Let’s use the beautiful vision of the lens to appreciate the beautiful demeanor of Damei Chengli and Diligent Chengli people who love their families, factories and countries.

Chapter One: Beauty of the Environment

In this first chapter, we will take you on a journey to witness the magnificent landscapes of the beautiful Chengli Industrial Park. This industrial park is not just a modern factory; it is also a garden filled with fresh air and greenery.

Chengli New Industry Truck park

Magnificent Aerial Views

First, let us take a bird’s eye view of Chengli Specialized Automobile Equipment Industrial Park. This aerial panorama showcases both the distant and nearby beauty of the park. It resembles a grand painting, with its breathtaking scale and the architectural façade that seems to reach for the sky like a soaring eagle.

Chengli celebrates China 74th birthday

Architectural Grandeur

The buildings within the industrial park are also distinctive, with the square and sturdy design of Building Eight harmonizing beautifully with the factory workshops adorned by greenery. The juxtaposition of vegetation and architecture creates a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

Chengli New Industry Truck park

European Charm

Building One, with its European-style architecture, gleams brilliantly in the autumn sunlight. It stands in symbiotic harmony with the surrounding greenery, guarding this beautiful land.

Chengli celebrates China 74th birthday

Nature and Humanity Intertwined

With lush greenery surrounding it, the fresh air makes this a haven for Chengli employees during work and leisure hours. Here, people can play and frolic in the garden, or simply find solace by quietly enjoying the wonders of nature. It truly is a sanctuary for the soul.

Natural Beauty

The bamboo-lined path within the industrial park is enchanting, with its lush greenery and harmonious play of light and shadow. The entire park embodies the green DNA of the environment, seamlessly blending industry with nature.

Chengli New Industry Truck park

Industrial and Natural Harmony

Chengli Automotive Industrial Park is not just a beautiful garden; it is also an ocean of specialized vehicles and emergency equipment manufacturing. Every scenic spot within it is infused with the essence of green, reflecting the perfect fusion of industry and nature.

Chengli celebrates China 74th birthday

Smart Factory

The panoramic view of the new factory’s terrain, including the vehicle testing ground, is thriving and symbolic of the intelligence behind the factory’s operations. Here, symbols of green life represent advanced technology and craftsmanship.

Scenic Waterscape

Lastly, the serene mirror-like lake, ripples gently stirred by the breeze, adds to the charm. The vermilion-colored pavilions and arched bridges create a picturesque scene reminiscent of a dreamy Jiangnan landscape.

Chengli Industrial Park is a beautiful oasis where nature and industry seamlessly blend, showcasing the grandeur of China’s manufacturing industry to the world.

Chapter Two: Beauty of Humanity

During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, Chengli Automotive Group’s diligent employees exemplify admirable craftsmanship and dedication.

Chengli New Industry Truck park

Dedicated Commitment

They forsake rest and forget about holidays, steadfastly holding their positions on the frontlines of production, and diligently completing customer orders. They are the most admirable individuals of our time, the most resolute of workers.

Fulfilling Work

Chengli celebrates China 74th birthday

Busyness is the passport to success, and work makes us more fulfilled and happier. During these festive times, as they rush to produce products for customers, Chengli employees consider themselves the luckiest people. This is the spirit of Chengli employees, who find joy and fulfillment in their work.

Quality Above All

Chengli employees not only control quality but also strive for excellence. The spirit of craftsmanship is passed down from generation to generation, and the pursuit of perfection is their motto.

Chengli celebrates China 74th birthday

The Essence of Hard Work

One person’s hard work leads to prosperity for the entire family. Striving is the essence of youth.

Service Amidst the Holidays

Even during the holidays, they remain at their posts, wearing radiant smiles, and providing excellent service to customers. Achieving personal fulfillment by dedicating themselves to their work, mastering their craft, there is nothing more satisfying than the sense of accomplishment and genuine happiness that work brings.

Celebrating the Strivers

Chengli Automotive Group extends its highest respects to all the diligent and upward-striving individuals. Their dedication is the pride of China’s manufacturing industry, and they are the strivers of our time, adding luster to Chinese industry.

Chengli celebrates China 74th birthday

Chapter Three: Celebration Beauty

Chengli celebrates China 74th birthday

Chengli Automotive Group, during the dual festivities, held a series of grand celebrations, unveiling the company’s bright future.

Development Strategy

Chengli celebrates China 74th birthday

During the discussion meeting, Chengli Automotive Group unveiled the second-generation leadership team’s development strategy outline, focusing on enhancing the group’s innovation capabilities and expediting the construction of a world-class enterprise. This marks a vision and plan for a brighter future.

Patriotic Anthems

The event resounded with the spirited national anthem, uplifting spirits and inspiring determination.

Enthusiastic Discussions

Participants engaged in enthusiastic discussions about the promising future and contributed their ideas. We are the strivers of our era!

Chengli celebrates China 74th birthday

The Beauty of Infinite Imagination

In the upcoming installment, we will focus on the beauty of Chengli Heavy Industry and Chengli New Wealth Industrial Park. Through a combination of visuals, text, and poetry, we will continue to share these delights with our customers and readers.

Please stay tuned to the “Chengli Automotive Group” public account for articles, images, and videos that we share.


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