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  • Shacman 8000 liters asphalt distribution truck


    2、Engine:WP3NQ160E61/Weichai 160 HP

    3、Driving Form:4×2

    4、Transmission:Fast 6 gear

    5、Spraying Medium:Emulsified Asphalt, Modified Asphalt, Hot Asphalt, etc.

    • Specifications


    Shacman 8000liters asphalt distribution truck is a kind of black road construction machinery, which is the main equipment for the construction of highways, urban roads, airports and ports. The asphalt distributor can be used to transport and distribute liquid asphalt (including hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt and residual oil) in the construction of asphalt pavement or maintenance of asphalt or residual oil pavement by asphalt penetration method, asphalt layer surface treatment method. In addition, it can also supply asphalt binder to the soil loosened in place for the construction of asphalt stabilized soil pavement or pavement base. High viscosity modified asphalt, heavy traffic asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, etc., can be sprinkled when building the permeable layer, waterproof layer and bonding layer of asphalt pavement bottom of high grade highway. It can also be used for asphalt covering and spraying in road maintenance, as well as for the construction of county and township highways for the implementation of layered paving technology.

    Our factory produces different brands and models of car models, including Dongfeng, FOTON, SHACMAN, SINOTRUK, ISUZU, etc., with 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, etc

    Key Features:

    1、Spreading width: 4500-6000mm

    2、Asphalt distribution: 0.2 ~ 3.5L/m2

    3、Working speed: 1.5-9km /h

    4、Heating method: Italy imported diesel burner heating (200,000 kcal/hour)

    5、Number of nozzles and control mode: 36-48 (one control one)

    6、Spraying medium: hot asphalt, SBS modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt

    More operation steps and vehicle configuration can be contacted immediately, 24 hours online!


    Vehicle Brand Shacman
    Wheelbase 3800mm
    Overall Dimension 7080×2350×2950(mm)
    GVW/Curb Weight 11200kg/6520kg
    Engine WP3NQ160E61/Weichai 160 HP
    Tyre 8.25R16LT 18PR
    Transmission Fast 6 gear
    Driving Form 4×2
    Upper Structure
    Asphalt Tank Capacity 8cbm
    Insulation Thickness 50mm
    Outer Stainless Steel Thick Stainless Steel
    Heating Method Italy Riya Road Diesel Burner G20+Heat Conduction Full Heating
    Nozzle Number Control One to One Control Intelligent Nozzle
    Asphalt pump QGB950 Imported Gear
    Hand Spray Gun 5m Tube+Hand Spray Rod
    Control Mode Cab Touch Screen Computer Control+Rear Work Platform (Spare)
    Spraying Medium Emulsified Asphalt, Modified Asphalt, Hot Asphalt, etc.


    Shacman asphalt distribution truck

    Shacman asphalt distribution truck

    Shacman asphalt distribution truck

    Shacman asphalt distribution truck

    Shacman asphalt distribution truck

    Shacman asphalt distribution truck

    Shacman 8000liters asphalt distribution truck

    Shacman asphalt distribution truck


    Asphalt Distributor Truck , , , ,

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