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  • Isuzu FTR 10000 L aircraft refueling truck

    1. Brand: Isuzu

    2. Drive: LHD / 4X2

    3. Wheelbase: 4500mm

    4. Tank Capacity: 10 000 L

    5. Isuzu FTR 10000 L aircraft refueling truck

    • Specifications
    • Detailed Parameters

    Isuzu Refueling & Defueling Truck

    Isuzu FTR 10000 L aircraft refueling truck.

    Isuzu FTR  aircraft refueling truck is a vehicle designed to transporting and refuelling fuel for the aircrafts including private planes, helicopters, air planes etc.

    Airplane refueling truck

    Main Features of  Isuzu aircraft refueling truck

    1. Manhole cover with flame arrester and valve for roll-over anti-overflow
    2. Anti-vortex device
    3. Pressure control function to protect the pipeline and oil tank of aircraft
    4. Convenient operation from advanced pneumatic and hydraulic control
    5. Comprehensive interlock device to avoid wrong operation
    6. Low-level control function prevents intruding of air while high level control prevents overflow

    Aircraft Refueler Trucks

    Transport medium: applicable to the transport of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, vegetable oil, edible oil, heavy oil, coal tar and non-petroleum products of alcohol, aldehyde, benzene, ether and other liquid substances.

    Isuzu Best Airport Fuel Trucks

    The tank material adopts high-quality 4-6mm thick carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum alloy.

    Isuzu airport Fuel truck

    Equipment in Isuzu FTR refueling truck

    European standard manhole,stainless steel sea valve , anti-overflow probe , electrostatic wiring terminal , Float level gauge , Sampling Valve with Filter Sampling Valve and Filter Separator Sewerage Outlet Sampling Valve,HYJ-63 joint valve, 50WGF-50/10 filter separator, flow meter with waist wheel, high-level safety guardrail.

    Jet and Avgas Refueling Trucks

    Fuel Dispenser, 65QZ-50/40 ,speical pump for aviation fuel , aluminum alloy material

    Aircraft Refueling Trucks For Sale

    Isuzu FTR 10000 L aircraft refueling truck

    For others more about this isuzu aircraft refurling truck, please contact us. Thanks

    Chassis parameters                                                                          
    Chassis model QL1160 Chassis brand ISUZU
    Overall dimensions 8500X2500X2920mm Wheel base 4500mm or 4700mm
    Front/rear wheel track 1504/1425mm Front/rear suspension 1335/2450mm
    Approach/departure angle 24/14° Maximum speed 95km/h
    Cab Configuration FTR single cab,hydraulic mechanical flip,channel type instrument panel,air conditioner,allowable 3 passengers
    Color white,other color is optional
    Engine Model 4HK1-TC50
    Emission Euro 5
    Type 4 cylinders,in-line,4-stroke,water-cooled,turbo inter-cooling,4- valve,diesel engine
    Rated power 205hp
    Displacement 5790ml
    Max.torque 760N·m
    Manufacturer Isuzu Engine (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.
    Tire Size 10.00R20 Tire, With one spare tyre
    Number 6+1 nos
    Front axle 6.3 tons
    Rear axle 13 tons
    Drive form 4*2
    Rated voltage 24V,DC
    Transmissions MLD six speed transmission, 6 speed forward 1 reverse.
    Steering device Power assisted steering
    Steering wheel Left hand drive
    Refuse compactor structure parameters
    Equipments  (Please contact for this part)
    System of loading
    Tank   (Please contact for this part)
    Version All-metal
    Sheet carbon steel (thickness: 5 mm)

    This part we show the detailed parameters of Isuzu FTR 10000 L aircraft refueling truck

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