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  • Isuzu 600P fuel refueling truck

    1. Brand: Isuzu 600P

    2. Engine: 4KH1CH5HS

    3. Power: 130 HP

    4. Capacity: 5000L

    5. Isuzu 600P fuel refueling truck

    • Specifications
    • Detailed Parameters

    left front view of isuzu 600P fuel refueling truck

    Isuzu 600P fuel refueling truck, the classical Isuzu series 5000l fuel refueling truck. 4K engine with 130 Horse power, MSB 5 series gearbox, with AC & ABS, …

    isuzu 600P fuel refueling truck

    Isuzu 600P refueling truck Tank body structure:

    The oil tank is mainly composed of tank body, anti-wave board, manhole and cover, breathing valve, hoarding, sub-frame, etc., which are welded with high-quality steel plates. The outer and upper parts of the oil tank are welded with coaming plates and sub-frames respectively. The oil tank has an elliptical cross-section. The tank body and the car girder are connected by U-shaped bolts. The structure is firm.

    Isuzu 600P fuel refueling truck

    The bottom of the oil tank is provided with an oil drain port. When the oil tank is cleaned, the ball valve switch can be opened to remove the waste residue in the tank. There is a breathing valve on the manhole cover of the oil tank. Its main function is to automatically open when the oil tank is filled and drained, so that the gas in the tank can communicate with the atmosphere. The opening and closing pressure of the breathing valve is 0.003MPa (0.03kgf / cm2) The work of the breathing valve should be sensitive and reliable, especially when the oil is discharged from the tank, if the breathing valve fails, it is easy to deflate the oil tank, so it should be checked and maintained frequently.

    A liquid level gauge can be installed on the tank to observe the oil storage capacity of the tank. An oil outlet pipe is provided at the bottom end of the oil tank, and the outlet is to the right, which is connected to the pipeline system.

    rear back view of isuzu 600P fuel refueling truck

    Isuzu 600P refueling truck Oil pump and power transmission system

    The oil pump power transmission system is composed of a power take-off, a transmission shaft and an oil pump. The power take-off is installed on the main gearbox of the chassis. The meshing and disengagement of the power take-off gear and the gearbox gear are achieved by the joystick in the cab. The position is next to the seat in the cab. When the power take-off needs to work, step on the clutch pedal, hang the shift lever to neutral, press the power take-off handle to make the power take-off gear mesh with the gearbox gear, release the clutch, and the oil pump starts to work. When you want to stop the oil pump, put down the power take-off control handle, the oil pump stops working (Note: When the car is running, it is strictly prohibited to manipulate the power take-off handle, otherwise, it will easily cause damage to the power take-off gear and gearbox gear).

    Isuzu 600P fuel refueling truck

    inlet & outlet on isuzu 600P fuel refueling truck

    Basic rules of Piping system in isuzu refueling truck:

    1) Pump out:
    Feed the oil in this tank into other containers through the pump and metering device: connect the A and B ends of the three-way ball valve, engage the power take-off, and make the oil pump work;
    Feed the oil in this tank to other containers through the pump and without the flow meter: close the two-way ball valve and connect the A and C ends of the three-way ball valve.
    2) Pump into:
    From other oil containers, it is metered into the tank of the vehicle via pump self-priming: Connect the C and B ends of the three-way ball valve, connect the C end of the three-way ball valve to the other oil supply container with a hose, and connect the outlet end of the two-way ball valve Connect the discharge hose to the manhole and the oil pump can work.
    3) Mobile pump station:
    The fuel truck can be used as a mobile pumping station. During operation, only the manhole in function 2 needs to be replaced with another oil receiving container.
    4) Gravity:
    Input the oil in this tank to other containers without passing through the oil pump or through the flow meter: connect the A and C ends of the three-way ball valve, and the oil in the tank will flow out of the tank.

    refueling machine on isuzu 600P fuel refueling truck

    Vehicle-mounted tanker refers to a tanker mounted on various tank trucks, fuel trucks, and vehicles that transport fuel, and uses the battery on the chassis of the car to provide power to pump fuel and measure.

    left side cab view of isuzu 600P fuel refueling truck

    Another picture of left outside view of the cab. Nowadays, we only can supply the left hand drive truck.

    For more others, please contact us.


    Technical Data of Isuzu 5 cbm REFUELING TANKER TRUCK

      Specification that we supply
    I Body
      Name ISUZU Fuel Tanker (Refueling truck)
      Country of origin China, Isuzu Qingling Brand
      Cab Single cabin (two doors) (2 Persons allowed) with Air – Condition,
      Dimension (6000x2280x2700)
      Wheel Base(Mini) 3360 mm
      Minimum Size of Tyre 7.00-16
      The number of Tyre 6+1(Spare tyre)
      Minimum speed 95 Km/hr
      GVW 7500kg
      Fuel tank capacity 5000L
      Tank material Q235 High quality carbon steel
    II Engine
      Engine Rated power 130 HP
      Engine Fuel Diesel Oil
      Driving type LHD 4x2
    III Pump and Pipe
      Pump Equipped for overhead delivery
      Minimum pump capacity 1000 L/min
      Suction Head 6m
      Hose High quality, wire strengthened hose, with copper wire,anti-static
    (Iv) Accessories
      Manhole, Ladder, Anti-static belt, Anti-slip walkway, Handrail,Fire extinguisher, inlet, discharge, reflective stickers…………
      -Devices can be equipped; Fuel counter (flow gauge), Fuel dispenser, hose reel, Level gauge….




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