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  • Howo CDW AWD 4X4 5000 liters water truck

    1. Brand: Howo

    2. Drive: 4x4/LHD

    3. Engine: 110 HP

    4. Water Tank: 5000 liters

    5. Howo CDW AWD 4X4 5000 liters water truck

    • Specifications
    • Detailed Parameters

    Howo CDW AWD 4X4 5000 liters water truck

    Howo CDW 4x4 5000 liters water truck

    Howo CDW series is another sub brand of Sinotruk, which mainly are light duty & middle trucks from 5 tons to 15 tons loading, and there are 4×2, 4×4, LHD, RHD these driving models.

    Howo CDW 5000 liters water bowser

    The main advantage of Howo CDW AWD 4X4 5000 liters water truck

    1. Standard truck model under production line and advanced production machines;
    2. All wheel drive with left hand drive truck, military quality supplied;
    3. Strict QC team to guarantee the quality;
    4. Profesional sales & aftersales team;
    5. High quality with resonable price – cost effective price & service;
    6. Euro II, III, IV, V emission standard are optional.

    Howo 4x4 5000 liters water truck

    Main data of Howo CDW AWD 4X4 5000 liters water truck

    General Truck Name Howo water tank Truck
    Drive Type 4*4/LHD
    Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 8000
    Curb Weight (kg) 3500
    Overall Dimensions L*W*H(mm) 6000X2180X2450

    Howo 4x4 5000 liters water bowser

    Truck body of Howo CDW AWD 4X4 5000 liters water truck

    Water Spraying

    Tank Body

    Water Tank Volume(L) 5000
    Water Spraying Width(m) 16
    Water gun shooting range(m) 28

    1.It equipped with front sprinkler, side spraying nozzle, rear sprayer, rear work platform with water gun.

    2.The water gun can be rotate 360 and the water can be adjusted from mist to heavy rain.

    Howo CDW 4x4 5000 liters water bowser

    Front special equipped Electric water spraying gun/cannon

    Electric water cannon is also called sprinkler automatic water cannon, automatic electronic water cannon, front electric cannon, sprinkler high-pressure smart water cannon, sprinkler automatic water gun, sprinkler smart water gun.

    The automatic remote control sprinkler is installed on the sprinkler head installation platform. It is composed of the water gun part and the controller. It is quick to install and easy to operate. The sprinkler can be controlled in the cab to control the spraying status, range and rotation angle of the sprinkler. , The size of the water column can be adjusted.


    General standard Howo 5 tons/ 5000 liters water truck:

    Howo 5000 liters water truck


    Howo CDW AWD 4X4 5000 liters water truck

    Drive Type: 4x4/LHD
    Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 8000
    Curb Weight (kg) 3500
    Overall Dimensions L*W*H(mm) 6000X2180X2450
    Engine Engine Brand Xi Chai
    Fuel Type Diesel
    Power 85-120HP
    Emission Standard Euro III
    Displacement(ml) 2950
    Engine Type 4 cylinders in line, water cooling, turbo-charged diesel engine, inter-cooling
    Chassis Chassis Brand HOWO
    Cab Flat roof, one row
    Tire No. 6+1
    Tire Specification 6.50R16 Steel tire
    Wheelbase (mm) 3360
    Axle No. 2
    Gear Box 5 speed forward with 1 reverse, manual
    Steering Wheel Left Hand Drive with power-assisted
    Brake Air brake
    Water Spraying Truck Water Tank Volume(L) 3000
    Water Spraying Width(m) 16
    Water gun shooting range(m) 28
    Remarks 1.It equipped with front sprinkler, side spraying nozzle, rear sprayer, rear work platform with water gun.
    2.The water gun can be rotate 360 and the water can be adjusted from mist to heavy rain.

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