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City Sanitation Truck

» City Sanitation Truck

  • ISUZU GIGA 6X4 20000L Water Tanker Truck

    1. Make: Isuzu GIGA

    2. Capacity: 20000L / 5200Gar

    3. Engine: 6UZ1-TCG51,Euro V

    4. Horsepower: 350-380HP

    5. Size: 11000x2500x3200mm

    • Specifications
    • Detailed Parameters

    Isuzu GIGA 20000 liters water boswer

    ISUZU GIGA 6X4 20000L Water Tanker Truck

    Isuzu GIGA 20000 liters water truck

    Main Feaures of ISUZU GIGA 6X4 truck

    Overall Length:          11,000mm
    Overall Width:           2,500mm
    Overall height:           3,250mm
    Axle Wheelbase:        5100+1300mm

    Model:  6UZ1-TCG51, Euro V emission standard
    Maximum output:  380 hp (279 Kw)
    Maximum torque:  1422 N.m
    Displacement:  9.839 L

    Model: ZF8S2030TO, 12 forwards and 1 reverse, manual

    Isuzu GIGA 20000 liters 5200 Gallons water truck

    Basic Tank Features:

    Tank volume 20000 Litre / 5200 Gar
    Tank material 5mm Steel plate, (optional material: carboon steel, stainless steel)
    Max spray range 30m
    Max sprinkler wideth 15m
    Standard configuration water pump
    water cannon
    sprinkler water work platform
    Power take off(PTO)
    Front and rear spray nozzle (Multi-direction)
    artesian valve,filter, distribution valve, sprinkler head, with self-suction and discharge function

    Isuzu GIGA 10000 liters drinking water transport truck

    Basic  performance 
    1) Front and rear spraying water.
    2) Left and right side spraying water.
    3) Platform has a sprinkler, spraying water.
    4) Water column can be adjusted into mist
    5) Width of spraying water : ≥14m.
    6) Distance of spraying water : ≥28m.

    Isuzu GIGA 20000 liters drinking water transport truck

    Applicable scope
    a. for a variety of road cleaning
    b. City green sanitation
    c. Trees, green belt and lawn watering
    d. High altitude building rinse
    e. Delivery (Drinking) water


    ISUZU GIGA 6X4 350HP Water Tanker Truck 
    1.Cab & Chassis
    Standard Option
    Chassis make ISUZU GIGA, 6*4, 5820+1370MM wheelbase;
    Engine 6UZ1-TCG51,Euro V, 350 HP; 9.839L displacement
    Cab GIGA flat roof, 2 seats+ 1 bed ,with A/C; central lock, electric window glass, color white air seats, air suspension cabin,Chrome grill face;
    Gearbox ZF8S2030TO,Manual type , 8 forward & 1 reverse
    PTO Included
    Brake system With ABS
    Tire 315/80R22.5,10+1 pieces; 12.00R22.5
    Wheel cover Plastic made, without brush
    Exhaust pipe In front , under front bumper, spark extinguisher
    Fuel tank 600L
    2.Tank Specs
    Item Standard
    Medium Water
    Loading system Top loading
    Capacity & Compartments 20,000L(5200 gar), ullage as per +5%, single compartment
    Tank shell Material and thickness Carbon steel, 5.0/Q235
    Tank end and thickness Carbon steel, 5.0/Q235 , dished
    Compartment wall and thickness Carbon steel, 5.0/Q235 , dished
    Anti-wave plate and thickness Carbon steel, 5.0/Q235, dished
    Manhole 2pcs, 20"
    Bottom loading system One 3" carbon steel pipe line Pipe line outlet is lies at right side of tank, located in the front of rear axle. Each pipe line outlet, a 3" carbon steel ball valve is fixed.
    Ladder A detachable Carbon steel ladder is equipped at the front of the tank
    Walkway: Anti-skid walk way along the entire length of tank.
    Hose carriers: Two pcs. Carbon steel
    Hose: Two pcs. 3"x4m, 3" stainless female camlock coupling on both end.
    Pump Carbon steel material, driven by PTO
    Fire extinguisher box: Two boxes are fixed on the left and right side of the tank.
    Fire extinguisher: Two 4kg dry powder fire extinguisher.
    Fender: Plastic material mudguards with plastic flap.
    Tool Box: Supplied by chengli
    Drain pipe; Mild Steel
    Side guard: Both. Manufacture's standard design
    Rear bumper: Manufacture's standard design
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