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  • Dongfeng tianjin Euro 6 dust suppression truck

    1.  Brand: Dongfeng

    2. Engine: Cummins

    3. Horse Power: 190 HP

    4. Water tank: 10 000L

    5. Fog Cannon Model: CLW-60

    6. Dongfeng tianjin Euro 6 dust suppression truck

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng tianjin dust suppression truck

    Dongfeng tianjin Euro 6 dust suppression truck

    Dongfeng disinfection pesticide spraying truck

    Dongfeng Tianjin multi-function fog cannon vehicle configuration function Chassis parameters:

    The chassis adopts Dongfeng Tianjin DFH1180EX8 national six standard second-class chassis, Cummins 6-cylinder D4.5NS6B190 diesel engine (in line with the latest emission standards), 6-speed transmission, 10.00 steel tire With spare tire, original air conditioner, ABS, driving recorder, environmental protection, exemption, the vehicle is not overweight or oversized. Body configuration: the tank volume is 9-12 tons, the tank body is a square tank, the tank body is made of anticorrosion, the main road is galvanized, the optional indoor control is sprayed with four imported ball valves after the front flush, the working platform, using Yifeng 60/90 Large-flow water pump, fire interface can be self-flowing, music speaker, optional 30-120 meters spray unit.

    Dongfeng disinfection pesticide spraying truck

    The technical features and advantages of the configuration functions of Dongfeng Tianjin multi-function fog gun vehicle:

    The non-coal mine foam dust suppression system turns the traditional dust removal work into dust suppression, which fundamentally suppresses the generation of dust, changes the traditional dust collection into dust suppression, and does not generate the same dust collection as a bag filter. Secondary pollution of dust; because the use of a very small amount of water, it will not produce secondary water pollution like water spray dust removal; and the foam special dust suppression liquid used by this technology is a special environmental protection agent, in the natural environment China can be completely decomposed naturally, without causing secondary pollution to the environment, and truly achieves energy saving and emission reduction in a practical sense.

    Dongfeng tianjin Euro 6 dust suppression truck

    Vehicle Features:

    1. Strong power, long range, strong penetrating power, strong adhesion of mist particles, wide coverage, can achieve precise spraying.

    2. High working efficiency and fast spraying speed; when spraying water on the yard that is liable to cause dust, the sprayed mist is fine, and when it comes into contact with the floating dust, a wet mist is formed, which can quickly suppress the dust. Falling down, the fog deposition rate can reach 95%.

    3. The secondary atomization technology uses a specific turbine air-assisted device to change the wind direction so that it forms an angle with the flow direction of the mist particles to promote full water atomization.

    4. When the droplets are ejected from the nozzle, they are further broken by the high-speed high-pressure airflow in the spray area, and the velocity of the droplets is gradually increased, which increases the degree of atomization. The atomization can generally reach a diameter of about 50-150um .
    The supporting power is flexible. It can be powered by either a three-phase 380V city power supply or a corresponding diesel generator set.

    5. The supporting diesel generator set is installed on the transportation vehicle, which is flexible in operation, safe and reliable to use, remote control and manual control operation, and can control and adjust the horizontal rotation spray angle at will.

    6. Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment, the water consumption can save 70% to 80% (spray gun, sprinkler locomotive), and the area covered by water mist is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment.

    Dongfeng tianjin dust suppression truck

    The vehicle is also used for integrated killing and implementing insecticidal operations and disinfection operations. It is mainly used for non-vehicles during insecticidal operations and mainly for parking during disinfection operations. The disinfection equipment and insecticidal equipment are independent of the vehicle system machine, of which C30 The low-capacity sprayer is powered by the battery provided by the device (imported from the United States). It is fixed at the rear of the rear compartment and can be removed from the car. It is mainly used for insecticide and disinfection. The AT-405P sprayer is installed on the car. The rear is fixed equipment, equipped with 50 meters × 2 pipeline coils, mainly used for large-scale killing treatment in outdoor environments.


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