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    Pickup adding rear lifting arm

    pick up towing truck

    A pickup car is more popular than any cargo trucks seen in home use cars, and some more functions we need usually like the wrecker function to tow a breakdown car.

    So now, can a pickup car add the rear lift arm? Our answer is YES.

    China pick up towing arm

    In above picture, the pickup can easily tow a suv and running on the road.

    pick up towing wrecker

    This is another side view of the pickup car towing a car.

    pick up towing arm

    As the pickup, it’s more better to be a 4×4 all wheel drive pickup or a rear drive pickup at least.

    pick up towing wrecker

    The main parts of the rear lifting system including:

    Electro-hydraulic power unit, 3 tons lift, small trailer, strap, wireless control system, lifting arm…

    pick up towing arm assemble

    This is the test picture in our factory, it can be fully controlled by the remote controller.

    pick up towing wrecker

    And the largest lifting/ loading test…

    pick up towing wrecker

    And last, the remote hand controller.

    For more about it, please contact us freely.


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