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  • Dongfeng GX 4×2 tractor

    1. Brand: Dongfeng GX

    2. Engine: Z14NS6B520

    3. Horse power: 520HP

    4. Drive: 4x2/ LHD

    5. Dongfeng GX 4x2 tractor / DFH4180C2

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng GX 4x2 tractor

    Main specifications of Dongfeng GX 4×2 tractor
    Product Name DFH4180C2-H18A-001-A42J
    Type 4×2 Tractor
    Chassis Dimensions (mm)
    Overall chassis length 6460
    Cab width 2524
    Cab height (unladen) 3960
    Wheel base 4000
    Chassis weights (kg)
    G.V.W 42000
    Curb weight (chassis) 8270
    Fifth Wheel Jost 50#,1158mm from the chassis (tire 295/80r22.5+ saddle height 150mm+ saddle support plate height 12mm)
    Type Z14NS6B520 (EMARK model: Z14EVID520, same engine)
    Emission level Euro VI
    Max.power 520PS
    Max.torque 2500NM
    Number of cylinders 6
    Displacement (lit) 13.5L
    Gear box
    Type EATON ECE0-26N112C 0D
    No. of gears 12 AMT
    Gear ratios 14.43
    Brake System
    Disc brake (A) Drum brake (B)
    Exhaust brake no
    Engine brake yes
    EBS yes
    AEBS yes
    ABS yes
    Cummins Engine Brake yes
    CAB GX
    Double bed (A) Single bed (B)
    High roof (A) Low roof (B)
    Electric hydraulic cab tilting (A) Manual (B)
    Electric windows (A) Manual (B)
    Control lock (A) A
    Airbag driver’s seat YES
    Air bag passenger seat YES
    Panel control central 7 pulgadas
    A/C YES
    Front axle
    Load capacity 5.5
    Rear axle
    Ratio 3.07
    Hub Single
    Load capacity 10
    RIM Aluminium
    Tyres Bridgestone 295/80R22.5

    Dongfeng GX 4x2 tractor

    Main introduction of Dongfeng GX 4×2 tractor

    Recently, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle has unveiled its latest flagship tractor, the GX, which positions itself as the leading model in Dongfeng’s lineup, surpassing the KX, KL, VL, and other models. So, what makes the new generation domestically-produced flagship GX stand out? Let’s uncover its mysterious features.

    Subtle Exterior Changes with Enhanced Configuration:

    In recent years, the exterior design of trucks has become increasingly important, as younger truck enthusiasts have certain aesthetic expectations. As the flagship model leading Dongfeng’s lineup, the GX naturally cannot fall short in terms of appearance. Additionally, it needs to establish its product strength in comparison to competitors.

    Dongfeng GX 4x2 tractor

    Before the introduction of the GX, the flagship KX was Dongfeng’s flagship product. Although the GX is now a more high-end model, its exterior design remains largely unchanged, heavily borrowing from the design of the flagship KX. The most significant change to the front fascia is the grille, which now matches the body color instead of featuring contrasting colors. This monochromatic design gives the vehicle a more refined and delicate look.

    The overall exterior changes in the GX are not prominent, as seen in the real-life images. The side mirrors, previously black in the KX model, have been replaced with body-colored painted mirrors. Rather than significant exterior changes, the GX focuses on upgrading the details of the KX model, aiming to make the GX even more perfect. The side of the vehicle features a dragon pattern, known as “Canglongqing,” which will also appear in the paint finish of the GX in the future.

    Dongfeng GX 4x2 tractor

    In terms of headlights, the GX model adopts xenon light sources with dual lenses. In our actual experience, this lighting configuration provides stable and bright illumination under most weather conditions. The GX model also features LED turn signals and daytime running lights. When the turn signal is used, the light strip produces a popular “flowing” effect. Overall, the GX model stands out in terms of its lighting configuration.

    Similar to the KX, the real-life GX model is equipped with a 360-degree surround-view camera system. This configuration undoubtedly makes it easier for truck drivers to navigate narrow and crowded cargo yards, reducing the chances of collisions.

    Dongfeng GX 4x2 tractor

    Furthermore, the GX model incorporates a new feature called blind spot detection. When the driver activates the left or right turn signal, the corresponding camera on that side will be activated, and real-time footage will be transmitted to the central screen, reducing blind spots and enhancing safety.

    In addition, the GX model comes standard with keyless entry and keyless start, further enhancing the convenience of the driving experience. As long as the driver has the key on them, they can perform a series of actions such as getting in the vehicle and starting it without taking out the key, greatly increasing the convenience of vehicle usage.

    The dimensions of the real-life GX model are also impressive, with a length, width, and height of 6560mm, 2550mm, and 3960mm, respectively. With a wheelbase of 4000mm, the GX, equipped with a high-roof cabin, reaches nearly 4 meters in height, and the flat-floor structure allows for a cabin height of nearly 2 meters, making it easy for even tall drivers to stand comfortably.

    Keen-eyed truck enthusiasts may have noticed that thanks to the excellent space utilization, there is a significant remaining space behind the vehicle’s fuel tank, enough to accommodate a person standing inside. Upon on-site confirmation, we learned that this design allows for a larger fuel tank capacity, showcasing Dongfeng’s commitment to quality.


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