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    • Specifications

    Deep buried garbage bin collection and transportation truck

    Introduction of a now deep-buried Garbage Bin Collection and transportation management system

    Concept: The environmentally-friendly trash bucket transportation management system consists of an environmentally-friendly deep-buried bucket and a hoisting garbage truck. It adopts the mature technology of developed countries to design a filling type smart garbage collection bucket as a garbage collection container. A new type of collection and transportation mode in which the car is directly transported to the garbage disposal point.

    The functions of garbage collection, garbage transportation, and pollution absorption are integrated, a revolution in garbage collection and transportation.

    1. The first dumped garbage sinks to the bottom of the barrel, and the newly dumped garbage covers the top of the old garbage pole, which will reduce the odor emitted by the garbage class.
    2. Make full use of the gravity of the garbage and the height of 2.5 meters to realize that the proportion of self-pressing garbage is higher than that in the ordinary plastic bucket, and the storage efficiency of the garbage can is further improved.

    3. Automatically alarm when the garbage is full and notify the dispatching office to send a vehicle to the garbage yard for disposal.

    Lifting type compactor garbage truck

    Integrated treatment of urban and rural garbage collection and operation

    With the integration of my country’s towns, villages, scenic spots, etc., it cannot satisfy modern development. There is a large concentration of living, the traditional garbage collection and garbage bins are everywhere, the collection is small, the environmental pollution is large, and the collection and transportation workload is large, which cannot meet the modern development. Rural residents place their garbage in a fixed location. The collection and treatment of garbage is low. The garbage and sewage cannot be sealed and transported, which affects the surrounding environment and causes serious secondary pollution to the environment.

    Serious environmental pollution for garbage. In the case of dirty and messy garbage collection, deep-buried garbage bins have the advantages of small footprint, fully enclosed, easy loading and unloading, and no peculiar smell, and have the advantages of large collection capacity and low operating costs. Our country has introduced domestic technology from Finland and Sweden to realize foreign technology and domestic production and operation mode. This kind of deep management trash can completely subverts the previous model of collection, storage and transportation, and can better collect, store and transport garbage.


    Deep buried garbage bin collection and compactor truckLifting type compacting garbage truck

    A new generation of lifting compressed garbage truck for transportation

    Convenient operation: The upper door of the hoisting garbage truck is opened, and the truck-mounted crane hoists the deep-buried garbage bucket full of garbage to the door of the operation truck. The lower mouth of the inner bucket is opened, the garbage falls into the box, and the box pushes the head Push the trash to the back of the box and compact it. After the trash is loaded, the operation truck will close the door. When the garbage is discharged from the vehicle compartment, the rear door is opened, the self-unloading lifting cylinder lifts the box body, and the garbage is discharged from the vehicle body.

    urban buried garbage bin and crane transport truck

    Lifting type compacting garbage truck model: CLW5180ZDZC5 / CLW5180ZDZC6

    Garbage truck, deep buried plastic bins - crane, compactor,

    Urban environmental protection deep-buried garbage efficient compression collection and transportation steward

    The product is mainly used for garbage collection and transportation in the environmental protection barrel collection station, and has the characteristics of environmental protection, high efficiency, and convenient use. The product integrates the functions of garbage collection, garbage compression and transportation, and dirt absorption, and has a wide range of applications.

    Deep buried plastic garbage bins and garbage transport system

    Specifications and parameters of deep-buried garbage cans

    1. Mainly use 5m3 environmentally-friendly deep-buried barrels in China. Using deep burial method, 4/5 of the barrel is deeply buried underground, and anti-seepage measures are taken.

    2. Special hoisting compression truck: It is composed of the vehicle chassis, boom and compression box.

    3. The environmental protection deep-buried bucket collection and transportation system integrates the functions of deep-buried bucket hoisting, garbage collection, garbage transportation, and pollution absorption. It is a revolution in the domestic garbage collection and transportation mode.

    Eco friendly deep buried bins - cans - barrels


    1. Beautiful: small footprint, compatible with manual feeding, trolleys, etc., and can be collected and transported at fixed time
    2. The ring is deeply buried and sealed for collection, the garbage is not exposed, and there is no odor.
    3. GPS intelligent management: When the bucket is full, it can automatically notify the driver of the lifting truck to clear it in time, plan the route to collect all the way to avoid detours, and improve work efficiency.

    4. Economy: No need for water and electricity, simple civil construction for installation, and the cost is about 2000 yuan per barrel. Low transportation cost, direct collection and direct transportation, reducing collection and transportation links and personnel. : The deep processing bucket has large capacity and enhanced collection and transportation capabilities.

    5. Safety: Beautiful appearance, easy to identify, the buried barrel itself can be used as a landscape to eliminate visual pollution

    6. Operation management: Low investment cost and convenient management. Collection at fixed point and time, no need for water and electricity, no need for personnel to supervise, meet various methods such as manual/trolley. Large capacity, you can choose multiple buckets for garbage classification.
    7. Applicable places: living quarters, towns, villages, scenic spots, parks, schools, stadiums and other areas where waste is concentrated.

    urban buried garbage bin - a new garbage transport system

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