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Chengli’s New Aim & New Journey in 2021


International market: At the beginning of the new year, Chengli Automobile Group exported large quantities of hazardous chemical vehicles to Tanzania, achieving a good start for foreign trade.

Domestic market: From the sixth day of construction to the beginning of March, orders from various factories continued to be dispatched, and the market was booming.

“Starting is running, the beginning is the decisive battle.” Cheng Aluo, general manager of Chengli Automobile Group, issued a sonorous call for the spirit of struggle to all employees and the middle and senior management team at the beginning of 2021. This is also the beginning of Chengli Automobile Group in 2021. The new brilliance of the new journey issued a mobilization order to complete the annual output value of 8.5 billion special vehicles and sprint the goal of 9 billion.

At the Chengli Group’s 2021 economic work conference, General Manager Cheng Aluo made a comprehensive deployment of the annual output value targets and work arrangements. Namely: on the basis of the newly formed 14 group subsidiaries, taking the “year of quality and benefit” as an opportunity, with the “three adjustments and three transformations” as the starting point, the realization of two wheels for the production of special automobiles and emergency products and the sales of chassis Turn to focus together, decompose tasks at all levels, consolidate responsibilities, ensure the smooth realization of the annual output value of special automobiles, and strive to exceed the target tasks.

First, General Manager Cheng Aluo emphasized that in 2021, the group company will fully mobilize the work enthusiasm and ownership spirit of subsidiaries and production units in accordance with the new planning and layout, change passivity into activeness, change the urge to do it for me, and let the majority of employees. Work with production managers and front-line leaders to fully release the enthusiasm and strength of entrepreneurship and wealth creation; in the future, the group company will manage the “general”, “management”, and management reports, and the subsidiaries will manage the “division”, “administration”, and output value. The unit manages “dry”, “management”, production, quality, and safety, benchmarking the amoeba management module, each subsidiary and each production and sales unit, with daily progress reports, monthly target inspections, and quarterly summary reports. Rectification and improvement measures, year-end hard rewards and punishment policies; truly have someone to follow, everyone has something to do, the job is full, the performance is good and bad, the right and wrong omissions are visible, the correction is fast, and the job is done well.

Under this general environment and the leadership of the general manager, all subsidiaries, factories, business units and departments have taken action, realizing hard work and striving for governance has become a common practice, setting off an upsurge of doing practical work and grabbing orders to rush to production.

The second is that the two cycles and the two markets go hand in hand. The company requires that the domestic and foreign market cycles be well grasped, and the two fists are both working hard to cultivate domestic municipal sanitation vehicles, fire trucks, construction machinery vehicles, cold chain logistics vehicles, road rescue vehicles, In addition to medical ambulances, vehicle-mounted special vehicles, vans, hazardous chemical vehicles, and special equipment vehicles, it also organizes cost-effective and highly competitive special vehicles and emergency equipment to the overseas market and expand the sales of foreign trade products.

Third, in accordance with the overall requirements of the group company, this year’s vehicle sales and chassis sales dual-drive strategy, the chassis business units act quickly and take the initiative to interact closely with major OEMs, increase department settings and personnel, and declare announcements to the OEMs. Strive for policies, expand product lines, actively tap the potential of market segments, self-enhance and self-supercharge for target tasks, strive to win at the starting line, and strive to implement the general manager’s program of “start is running, start to fight” proposed by the general manager The spirit of instruction contributes to the leap forward of the group company’s special automobile production value.

Chengli Chassis Supply and Marketing Hubei Co., Ltd. Foton Chassis Integrated Business Department, and the person in charge of Foton Motor Group have a glimpse of the forum.

Chengli Jiefang Chassis Division and FAW Jiefang Automobile held a business meeting.

The person in charge of the new energy chassis and the senior leaders of the group received the leaders of BYD OEM.

Fourth, in the first quarter of this year, Chengli increased investment in technological innovation and automation equipment and upgrades. It successively added a cold chain intelligent heat press unit production line and an automatic plate cutting production line directly under the Kaiping Accessories Factory, which greatly improved the production process. Level and production capacity, empower and increase efficiency for the “Year of Quality and Benefit”.

The fifth is to strengthen the guarantee of funds and materials. The production of special vehicles and emergency equipment and the sales of chassis are all capital and technology-intensive industries. Funds are the bones and blood of the development and growth of the real economy, and strong strength must be reserved as industrial support. The group company reached a strategic partnership with Zheshang Bank on March 4, laying a solid foundation for Chengli’s automobile manufacturing and emergency response industries.

New Machine & New Craft for the steel plate part supply and refrigerated truck factory.


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