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City Sanitation Truck

» City Sanitation Truck

  • Changan High pressure road maintenance & cleaning vehicle

    1. Model: CLW5032TYHSC5

    2. GVW: 3500KG

    3. Engine: 88hp

    4. Size: 5000x1600x2100mm

    5. Function: high pressure road washing, cleaning,...

    • Specifications

    mini Changan road maintenance vehicle

    Changan High pressure road cleaning and maintenance vehicle, is a simple and mini Road maintenance vehicle, which only functioned as a water spraying vehicle under the high pressure pump. Maintenance vehicles are mainly composed of automobile chassis, high-pressure waterway systems, electrical control systems, spare tire devices, auxiliary engines, and garbage cans.

    High pressure cleaning vehicle supplier


    Changan Road Rinse truck adopts a van-type vehicle chassis, safer and more type, Changan new cab, Changan J46601 petrol engine 97 horsepower (16 valves), equipped with a secondary engine specially designed to drive high pressure pumps, the maximum working pressure can reach 30mPA, The tank volume is 1.5 square meters. There are 7 nozzles installed in front of the cab and the flow rate is 1.7L/min. The time for a single operation is about 1 hour. A single-point spray gun is used. The curtain box is used on three sides.

    Changan High pressure cleaning vehicle

    Beautiful atmosphere. Compared with human cleaning, nearly 4 tons of water is saved per kilometer. In the past, the manpower required to wash every kilometer of the sidewalk was 40 people, which took 5 hours to complete, and the sidewalk to make the car was only 3 people. Within 1 hour, it was possible to install the long vigil and optional hand-pushing God Road. Car, optional high pressure pump imported from Italy.

    Changan road maintance vehicle

    Changan Star High-pressure stain car wash (small road washing car) is a high-pressure road flushing vehicle developed by our company for small communities, plant areas and environmental sanitation departments. It is suitable for sidewalks or narrow pavement high-pressure road flushing vehicles. By the majority of customers like, has received dozens of  orders.

    Changan High pressure cleaning washing vehicle

    There are many road maintenance vehicles, here we have some varieties:

    Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Vehicle, Asphalt Sprayer, Cover Crusher, Road Repair Vehicle, Pavement Cleaning Vehicle, High pressure washing and cleaning truck.

    China road maintenance truck manufacturer

    Also, if you like other brands, we can supply dongfeng road maintenance vehicle, howo road maintenance vehicle, isuzu road maintenance vehicle, jmc road maintenance vehicle, faw road maintenance vehicle, foton road maintenance vehicle/ truck….

    For more about the truch chassis or the detailed super structure of this Changan High pressure road maintenance & cleaning vehicle, pls contact us by mail: or wechat/whatsapp: 0086 18872992009





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