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Batch Dongfeng asphalt distribution trucks sent to the Middle East


On the morning of August 22, 2023, five Dongfeng asphalt distribution trucks sent to the Middle East.

Asphalt distributor is a kind of intelligent automatic high-tech product which is specialized in spreading emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt, high viscosity modified asphalt and so on. It is used to spread permeable oil, waterproof layer and adhesive layer of asphalt pavement of high grade highway. The distributor is composed of automobile chassis, asphalt tank body, asphalt pumping and spraying system, heat conduction oil heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system, control system, pneumatic system and operating platform. The vehicle is easy to operate, and on the basis of absorbing various technologies of similar products at home and abroad, it increases the humanized design to ensure the quality and technical content of construction and highlight the improvement of construction conditions and construction environment. Its reasonable and reliable design ensures the uniformity of asphalt distribution, the computer control is stable and reliable, and the technical performance of the vehicle has reached the world advanced level.

asphalt distribution truck

Equipment performance characteristics:

1, the car adopts Dongfeng D9 Dorika country six chassis, excellent strong carrying capacity, flexible and lightweight maneuverability, beautiful and atmospheric appearance, for the majority of intercity logistics customers to provide safe, efficient and reliable service; According to the need of spraying quantity and working width, the computer can combine the determinant nozzles in any form.

2, manual/automatic control mode can achieve a separate control of each nozzle, so as to achieve arbitrary adjustment of the width of the spray.

3, the asphalt distribution control can not only be completed in the cab, but also can be controlled on the rear operating platform;

4. The automatic control system of the vehicle can measure the speed and automatically calculate the speed of the asphalt pump according to the input sprinkling amount,

asphalt distribution truck

5, the heating system adopts Riyalu burner, with automatic ignition and temperature control functions;

6, the use of international advanced high-viscosity asphalt pump, can pump the external asphalt into the tank, to achieve “self-priming”, can also pump out the asphalt in the tank;

7, the key parts of the whole machine (such as hydraulic pump CBQ550, hydraulic motor 05-130-BD31, Shanggui asphalt pump QGB950, Taiwan proportional valve EFBG-03-160-HF, Germany imported module automatic control system CLW-36-01, Germany Turck speed sensor, etc.) are using internationally renowned components, Ensure the reliability of the whole machine, reduce the failure rate of the equipment, improve the service life;

8, under the premise of ensuring that it does not interfere with the maintenance and disassembly of other parts, there are various parts of the ladder and handrails, easy to operate;

asphalt distribution truck

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd, which is appointed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. It has registered trademark “CHENGLIWEI” and products code: CLW

Our company has solid technology, flawless inspection, advanced equipment, reliant quality and flexible modes of operation. What’s more, it has roundly passed the certification of IS0 9001, the 3C(China Compulsory Certification) and other certifications.

asphalt distribution truck

In the following 10 years, Chengli’s aim is to seek more cooperation in the world, serve more countries, supply more better & cost effective special trucks to Africa, South-East Asia, Middle Asia, Middle-East and other countries.

asphalt distribution truck

We promise that all the products we sell will receive 1-year warranty and enjoy life time maintenance and free technology service. anytime online!

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