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Dongfeng truck for sewage purification project

Dongfeng Sewage water purification truck

Dongfeng Sewage water purification truck, sewage water /waste water purification truck supplier and manufacturer. the best china automobile waste water purification vehicle factory. Dongfeng vehicle mounted wastewater treatment device manufacturer. Sewage water purification truck is a vehicle that mounted purification system can purify waste water like sewer, kitchen waste, toilet waste, septic waste, sewage sludge, … Basic configuration of sewage truck …

working picturer of Sewage purification truck

Dongfeng Sewage purification vehicle

It’s a new style sewage purification system mounted on dongfeng truck, to supply mobile sewage purification service. It is applicable to the treatment of sewage manure in residential quarters, hotels, airports, enterprises and institutions, on-site treatment of river sewage suction, treatment of livestock manure etc. The vehicle-mounted sewage purification treatment vehicle and the sewage treatment vehicle for excrement disposal are semi-automated …

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