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  • Dongfeng Sewage water purification truck

    1. Model: CLW5080WSJH3

    2. GVW: 8000 KG

    3. Size: 7000x2300x3050

    4. Engine: 120HP

    5. Usage: waste、sewage water purification, septic / fecal tank treatment

    • Specifications

    DFAC Dongfeng Sewage purification vehicle

    Dongfeng Sewage water purification truck, sewage water /waste water purification truck supplier and manufacturer. the best china automobile waste water purification vehicle factory. Dongfeng vehicle mounted wastewater treatment device manufacturer.

    Dongfeng Sewage purification vehicle

    Sewage water purification truck is a vehicle that mounted purification system can purify waste water like sewer, kitchen waste, toilet waste, septic waste, sewage sludge, …

    dongfeng Sewage treatment truck

    Basic configuration of sewage truck
    Vacuum pump, vacuum box, suction pump, hydraulic system, water tank, external power supply, compression separation device, etc.

    rear view picturer of Dongfeng Sewage purification vehicle

    Dongfeng Doolika Wastewater Treatment Vehicle: Chassis with Dongfeng Chassis, wheelbase: 3300mm, overall dimensions: 5995*1990*2650(mm), total vehicle mass: 4495kg, maximum speed: 95km/h.

    Dongfeng Sewage water purification vehicle

    The conventional configuration of the jacket: 4 80 dirt pipes, 80 m electric wires, 11 kW motor, 1 sewage pump, 1 dirt container, 1 water tank, 1 fire hose, 1 vacuum pump.

    Dongfeng Sewage purification vehicle

    This vehicle can directly septic tank, municipal pipe dirt directly from the suction box into the compression separation process, and then discharge the sewage directly into the municipal pipe network, the compressed dirt packaged with a bag and then loaded away.

    For more about the chassis parameter or the details about sewage purification truck, pls contact us freely. 0086-188 72992009 sales@cl-spv.com



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