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  • Dongfeng Sewage purification vehicle

    1. Model: CLW5080WSJH3

    2. GVW: 8000 KG

    3. Size: 7000x2300x3050

    4. Engine: 120HP

    5. Usage: sewage water purification, septic / fecal tank treatment

    • Specifications

    working picturer of Sewage purification truck

    It’s a new style sewage purification system mounted on dongfeng truck, to supply mobile sewage purification service. It is applicable to the treatment of sewage manure in residential quarters, hotels, airports, enterprises and institutions, on-site treatment of river sewage suction, treatment of livestock manure etc.

    working picturer of Sewage purification vehicle

    The vehicle-mounted sewage purification treatment vehicle and the sewage treatment vehicle for excrement disposal are semi-automated high-tech products that are specialized in the treatment of septic tanks and separate the septic tank sewage and fast slag. For the rapid and harmless treatment of septic tanks, the non-degradable inorganic substances in the septic tanks are mainly separated by a separation tank, and then the manure in the sewage is pressed by the dehydrator into an organic fertilizer, and finally the clear water is discharged.

    clw Sewage purification vehicle

    The equipment consists of high-power diesel generators, sewage separation systems, dosing systems, sludge dewatering systems, high pressure cleaning systems, and electronic control systems. The equipment is easy to operate, and on the basis of absorbing various technologies of similar products at home and abroad, a variety of humanized designs have been carried out, and an alarm system has been installed in all parts to ensure the safe and lasting operation of the equipment. Its reasonable and reliable design ensures the speed of sewage treatment and reduces the cost of sewage treatment. The technical performance of the whole set of equipment is the same as that of similar products. The equipment can work under various conditions after being perfected in all aspects of our company.

    Dongfeng Sewage purification vehicle

    The first step: the mixture in the sewage such as: stones, plastic bags, metal, cotton yarn, gloves and other debris squeezed after pumping the coarse filter tank;

    The second step: the coarse filter tank sewage into the fine processing pool to add appropriate The chemicals were stirred and mixed and spilled into a solid-liquid separator to dry the sludge.

    Purification process of Sewage purification vehicle

    The working process of Sewage purification vehicle.

    purified water from Sewage purification truck

    The purified water seems very clean and the effect shows very great.

    chemical test result of the water

    And also the chemical test show that the purified water can be poured directly into the river. It reach the river water discharge standard.

    specialist research about sewage purification vehicle

    At last, the specialist gave a high praise of the new Sewage purification vehicle.

    For more about the chassis parameter or the details about sewage purification truck, pls contact us freely. 0086-188 72992009


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