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  • Shifeng docking compression garbage truck

    1. Model: CLW5042ZDJJ54

    2. GVW: 4500kg

    3. Size: 5800x2100x2680mm

    4. Tanker: 5000 liters

    5. Wheelbase: 3300 mm

    6. Shifeng docking compression garbage truck

    • Specifications

    Shifeng docking compression garbage truck

    Shifeng docking compression garbage truck, also we call it Compression docking refuse collector truck, compactor garbage truck, with the device of hanging bucket function, so we can call it side loader hydraulic Hanging Bucket truck.

    Shifeng Hanging bucket garbage truck

    SSF China brand chassis, white cab, 95 HP diesel engine, Euro III emission standard, 3300 mm wheelbase, 5-6 cbm garbage tanker. docking compression garbage type with the function of side bucket loader, full hydraulic power assist.

    Shifeng 6000 liters compression garbage truck

    How it works: The car operating system is a hydraulic control system to complete, the control mode can be manual or electric start control. The compression station lifts the garbage box vertically after the garbage is compressed into a block, opens the compression box discharge door, and the rear door of the garbage box body rotates upwards to open and dock with the back door of the compression box, and the garbage block is pushed horizontally by the pushing board in the compression box. Inside the garbage truck body, close the rear door of the garbage truck after completing the garbage loading.

    Shifeng 5000 liters compression garbage truck

    Components: The use of national standard thickness of high-quality carbon steel plate Wuhan, the edge of the three-four-skeleton cars, skeleton cars in accordance with the pressure to withstand the largest force of the outer frame optimization design. Vertical, cross-beam skeleton and roof skeleton are all made of high-quality steel, pressure, pull forming. With hydraulic devices, the driver completes the loading and unloading work in the cab. Fully sealed box, the top can choose top open/seal, the end of the box adopts full hydraulic cylinder compression, the tail with 3m thick rubber seal, the sewage will not drip, effectively prevent secondary pollution, the box adopts double cylinder hydraulic dumping function .

    Shifeng Hanging bucket garbage truck

    The garbage truck can also be equipped with other functions to form other multi-functional garbage trucks, such as: hanging-type garbage trucks, hanging-type garbage trucks, and bucket-type docking garbage trucks.

    Shifeng PP bucket garbage truck

    For more about the chassis parameter or the details about docking garbage truck, pls contact us freely. 0086-188 72992009

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