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  • Foton G7 freezer Vaccine transport truck

    1. Brand: Foton G7

    2. Engine: Mitsubishi 4K22D4M

    3. Horse power: 150HP

    4. Driving: Left/ Right/ 4x2

    Foton G7 freezer Vaccine transport truck

    • Specifications

    Foton freezer Vaccine truck

    Foton G7 freezer Vaccine transport truck

    Foton G7 is a classical truck/ bus chassis made by Foton, and the Freezer Vaccine box is made by Chengli refrigerated factory.

    Foton freezer Vaccine truck

    Foton G7 chassis introduction

    The Foton G7 chassis is a type of commercial vehicle chassis produced by Foton Motors. The G7 chassis is designed to be the foundation for a variety of different types of vehicles, such as buses, trucks, and vans.

    The chassis is made from high-strength steel, which provides both durability and flexibility. It features a rigid front axle and an air suspension system in the rear, which offers improved ride comfort and stability. The chassis is also equipped with a disc brake system, which provides excellent stopping power.

    In terms of engine options, the G7 chassis can be powered by either a Cummins or a Weichai engine. These engines are known for their reliability, efficiency, and power output. They are paired with a manual or automatic transmission system, depending on the specific model.

    Overall, the Foton G7 chassis is a versatile and reliable platform for a range of commercial vehicles, offering a robust foundation for different types of applications.

    Foton G9 freezer Vaccine truck

    I Truck Whole Information                                 
      Name FOTON G7  CAR
      Country of origin China
      Cab Separate cabin (2 doors) with FM radio, AC, ABS
      Minimum Size of Type 195/70R15LT
      The number of Type 4
      Max  speed 110 Km/hr
      Wheelbase 2378mm
      Drive Left(Right) hand drive/ 4×2
      Dimension Parameters 4840 * 1695 * 2440mm
      GVW(Kg) 2860
      Curb weight(Kg) 2080
    II Engine
      Engine power 150 HP
      Engine  type 4 Stroke Water  Cooling  Direct  Injection
      Model 4K22D4M
      Engine  Fuel Petrol
      Emission Standard Euro VI
    III Others
      Brake Front plate, Back drum
      Gear box 5F+1R

    Foton G9 Vaccine truck

    Vaccine transport truck introduction

    A vaccine transport truck is a specialized vehicle designed to safely transport vaccines from one location to another. These trucks are an essential part of the vaccine supply chain, as vaccines need to be stored and transported at specific temperatures to ensure their efficacy and safety.

    Vaccine transport trucks typically use refrigeration or freezer systems to maintain the required temperature range for the specific vaccine being transported. They may also be equipped with temperature monitoring and recording systems to ensure that the vaccines are kept within the required temperature range throughout the journey.

    Vaccine transport trucks may be used to transport vaccines from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers, or from distribution centers to vaccination sites such as hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. They may also be used to transport vaccines for emergency response efforts, such as during disease outbreaks or natural disasters.

    In addition to temperature control systems, vaccine transport trucks may also have security features such as locks, alarms, and GPS tracking systems to ensure the safe delivery of vaccines. The drivers of these trucks may also receive specialized training to handle vaccines and ensure their safe transportation.

    Overall, vaccine transport trucks play a critical role in ensuring the availability and safety of vaccines, which are essential for preventing and controlling infectious diseases.

    Foton Vaccine transport truck

    Foton is a Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer that produces a range of vaccine transport trucks designed to safely transport vaccines at specific temperatures. Some of the Foton series vaccine transport truck models include: Foton G7, Foton G9, Foton Aumark, Foton Aoling, Foton Forland…

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