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  • Foton Aoling 5000 liters sewage suction truck

    1. Brand: Foton Aoling

    2. Driving: Left Drive/ Right Possible

    3. Engine: Quanchai/ Cummins/Yuchai...

    4. Tank: 5000-6000 liters

    Foton Aoling 5000 liters sewage suction truck

    • Specifications

    Foton Aoling sewage suction truck

    Introduction of Foton Aoling 5000 liters sewage suction truck :

    This is an introduction to the chassis and equipment specifications of a Foton Aoling Jieyun cleaning and suction truck. The vehicle features a Foton Aoling Jieyun 1695mm driver’s cab, a 132 horsepower national standard six diesel engine, 2800mm wheelbase, central locking, power windows with remote control, a 5-ton reinforced rear axle, a Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox, a rear axle speed ratio of 4.875, 7/7+5 leaf springs, 6.50R16LT 10PR steel wire tires, a fully-riveted frame, and oil brakes/air brakes.

    Foton Aoling sewage suction truck

    Equipment of Foton Aoling 5000 liters sewage suction truck :

    The vehicle has a curb weight of 4.2 tons, and the overall height of the vehicle is 2100mm/2160mm (optional). The truck is equipped with a side-mounted integrated cleaning and suction tank (with a sewage tank capacity of approximately 3.5 cubic meters and a water tank capacity of approximately 2 cubic meters). The tank has a lifting function and features a water and sewage interchange, a filter screen, an Italian Copiue HP137 high-pressure pump (with an optional new Pin Fu 170 flow high-pressure pump), a 60-meter 16 high-pressure hose, an SK-6 fully sealed water circulation pump with two-stage overflow protection, a viewing pipe, a 400 quick opening cover at the rear end of the tank, a 100 drain valve connected to the quick opening cover, a 100 ball valve on the left side of the rear part of the tank directly connected to the top of the tank, and an 8-meter suction hose.

    Foton Aoling sewage suction truck

    Function of Foton Aoling 5000 liters sewage suction truck :

    The cleaning and suction truck is a new type of environmental sanitation vehicle that is equipped with a high-pressure cleaning device on the basis of a suction vehicle. It integrates high-pressure cleaning, pipeline dredging, and vacuum suction. The vehicle is designed rationally, with complete functions, easy operation, and reduces the labor intensity of sanitation workers.

    Foton Aoling sewage suction truckFoton Aoling sewage suction truck

    Parameters in table of above Foton Aoling 5000 liters sewage suction truck

    Parameter Specification
    Chassis Foton Aoling Jieyun 1695mm cab
    Engine Full diesel, 132 horsepower
    Wheelbase 2800mm
    Transmission Wanliyang 5-speed manual gearbox
    Rear Axle Strengthened 5-ton rear axle, 4.875 speed ratio
    Suspension 7/7+5 leaf springs
    Tires 6.50R16LT 10PR steel wire tires
    Frame Fully riveted frame
    Brakes Hydraulic and air brakes
    Optional Vehicle Height 2100mm or 2160mm
    Water tank capacity Approximately 2 cubic meters
    Sewage tank capacity Approximately 3.5 cubic meters
    High-pressure pump Italian Comet HP137 pump (optional: new Pinfu 170 pump)
    High-pressure hose 60-meter, 16mm diameter
    Water circulation pump SK-6 fully sealed water circulation pump, with secondary anti-overflow
    Other Features Integrated cleaning and suction vehicle, filtration network, lifting function, suction pipe, 400 quick opening valve, 100 drain valve, 100 ball valve, and more

    Note: The table may not perfectly align if the device you are using has a smaller screen.

    Foton Aoling sewage suction truck

    Different calling / names of sewage suction truck in world market

    The sewage suction truck, also known as a vacuum truck or sewer cleaning truck, is a common vehicle used in many countries around the world for cleaning and transporting wastewater, sewage, and other liquids. Some similar names for this type of truck in the world market include:

    1. Vacuum tanker truck
    2. Sewer jetting truck
    3. Septic tanker truck
    4. Honey wagon
    5. Cesspool emptier
    6. Gulper truck
    7. Sludge tanker truck
    8. Hydrovac truck
    9. Vacuum excavator
    10. Combination sewer cleaner

    Note that the specific terminology may vary depending on the region and local language.

    Foton Aoling sewage suction truck

    Why choose Chinese sewage suction trucks?

    There are several reasons why one might choose Chinese sewage suction trucks. First, China is one of the largest producers of commercial vehicles in the world, and its manufacturers have a strong reputation for producing high-quality and reliable trucks. Additionally, Chinese sewage suction trucks are often priced more competitively than those from other countries, making them an attractive option for buyers looking for cost-effective solutions. Finally, many Chinese manufacturers offer a wide range of customization options, allowing buyers to select the specific features and specifications that best meet their needs.
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