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  • Dongfeng T1 8000 liters water truck

    1. Brand: Dongfeng T1

    2. Engine: Yunnei/Yuchai

    3. Driving: LHD/4x2

    4. Tank Capacity: 8000 liters

    Dongfeng T1 8000 liters water truck

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng 8000 liters water truck

    Dongfeng T1 8000 liters water truck, this is another classical Dongfeng brand water tank truck with a capacity of 8 tons.

    The chassis is made by Dongfeng chassis company and the water tank body is made by Chengli water tank factory, which is the biggest water factory in China.

    Dongfeng 8000 liters water truck

    Main parameters of Dongfeng T1 sprinkler/water truck

    ​Yunnei 150 horsepower, 3800 wheelbase, 8.25 steel wire tire, Chengli ticket, volume 9.3 cubic meters, automatic tank welding, special high-power sprinkler pump, front flush, rear sprinkler, side spray, anti-aircraft gun, punching platform

    Dongfeng 8000 liters water truck

    Water truck is a popular seen tank truck in the market, there are many functions with very practical usage as below:

    1. Cooling down: When the weather is hot, sprinkle water on the road to reduce the temperature and protect the road. Because the temperature is too high, the road will crack.
    2. Dust removal: There is a lot of dust on the road, and sprinkler water can moisten the dust and effectively prevent the dust from being raised, thereby reducing air pollution.
    3. Greening and gardening: the shape of the water column of the sprinkler can be adjusted into straight, heavy rain, moderate rain, light rain, etc., which can water roadside flowers and trees, or wash away dust on trees.
    4. It can be used as a fire truck in an emergency: the sprinkler has its own high-pressure water cannon with a range of 40-50 meters, so it can be used for fire fighting in an emergency. greater convenience.
    5. Water transportation: my country is located in multiple temperature zones, and the distribution of rainfall in various places is extremely uneven, coupled with the influence of abnormal weather and other factors, resulting in drought in many places, and it is difficult for people and animals to drink water. In this case, the sprinkler is temporarily used as a water truck. Therefore, the sprinkler is also called a water truck, a drought-resistant water truck, and the like.

    Dongfeng 8 tons water truck

    Dongfeng 8 tons water truckDongfeng 8 tons water truckDongfeng T1 8000 liters water truck

    we are the professional water tank factory in China we can make any tank capacity under any truck brands like Dongfeng, Howo, Shacman, Jac, Isuzu, Foton…and tank capacity from 2000 liters to 5000 liters, 8000 liters, 10000 liters, 12000 liters, 15000 liters, 18000 liters, 20000 liters, 25000 liters, …


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