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Dongfeng high pressure sewage suction truck

China Dongfeng tianlong sewage suction truck

China Dongfeng tianlong 36 000 liters sewage suction truck Dongfeng Tianlong before four 836 square large tonnage heavy cleaning suction truck, 8×4 Drive, D310 flat head high-top two-bedroom cab, Dongfeng dci420-51 ( Euro Ⅴ, diesel-high-pressure common rail +scr post-treatment) Wheelbase 2050+4400+1350mm, frame front width 940mm, rear width 860mm, all aluminum 580L main fuel tank, Shaanxi tooth 12-gear 12jsd200ta gearbox, 5T …

Foton forland 2000 liters sewage suction truck

Foton forland 3000 liters sewage suction truck

Foton forland 3000 liters sewage suction truck is the mini sewage suction vehicle made by Chnegli trucks, and the minum tank capacity we did is 2000 liters, it’s light duty and very suitable for the narrow street or home yard. It equipped with a vacuum pump to suck the sewage, liquid mud, Urine, sewer, domestic sewage, Industrial wastewater… Main parts consist of …

dongfeng sewage suction and cleaning truck

Dongfeng sewage suction and cleaning truck

Dongfeng sewage suction and high pressure cleaning truck, is a kind of  vacuum suction vehicle which mainly used for sewage water suction and transportation, with the functions such as dredge, suction, and cleaning. Chassis configuration: Dongfeng company’s original chassis, the country five 3308 wheelbase, with ABS, 7.00R16 wire tire, Miles Yang 5-speed gearbox, 2T front axle, 3.5 tons rear axle, matching …

Dongfeng sewage suction truck

Dongfeng sewage suction truck with cleaning function

Dongfeng new style sewage suction truck with cleaning function. 3000 liters sewge tank and 2000 liters water tank. It’s not only can suck the sewage but also can be a cleaning vehicle. Sewage suction working principle: Since the suction hose is always immersed on the liquid surface, the air in the waste tank is sucked and becomes thinner as it …

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