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  • China Dongfeng tianlong sewage suction truck

    1. Brand: Dongfeng

    2. Coountry: China

    3. Engine: dCi420-51

    4. Horsepower: 420

    5. Function: sewage suction and cleaning truck

    • Specifications

    China Dongfeng tianlong 36 000 liters sewage suction truck

    Dongfeng high pressure sewage suction truck

    Dongfeng Tianlong before four 836 square large tonnage heavy cleaning suction truck, 8×4 Drive, D310 flat head high-top two-bedroom cab, Dongfeng dci420-51 ( Euro Ⅴ, diesel-high-pressure common rail +scr post-treatment) Wheelbase 2050+4400+1350mm, frame front width 940mm, rear width 860mm, all aluminum 580L main fuel tank, Shaanxi tooth 12-gear 12jsd200ta gearbox, 5T double front axle, 10T single-stage deceleration double rear axle frame longitudinal sorghum section size 280x90x (8+4) mm, The number of leaf spring slices 3/3/10, 12r22.5 meridian Tire.

    China sewage suction truck with cleaning function

    Dongfeng Technology 4 Channel ABS, full floating cab suspension (front and rear suspension mechanical spring-with transverse shock absorber), hydraulic electric flip, electric glass lifter, medium control-remote control front door lock, airbag shock absorber driver seat, channel type dashboard, air conditioning.

    30 000 liters sewage suction and cleaning truck

    Tank thickness 8mm, water 6 square, Dirt 30 square (can be adjusted according to customer specific needs) tank upper protective fence, with climbing ladder, 350 large flow high pressure pump Tank rear 600 hydraulic sewage outlet, 150 sewage outlet One, 100 pumping one, platform full shop, increase reel, 60.22-meter high pressure pipe, 8 meters suction pipe One, police lights, double arrows, reversing images, paint original project yellow paint.SK42 Water Circulation Pump belt new Weichai 420 horsepower diesel engine (diesel engine, secondary hair optional)

    Dongfeng cleaning & sewage suction truck

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