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Dongfeng 4wd cargo truck

Dongfeng 4×4 4wd off-road truck

Dongfeng 4×4 4wd off-road truck Product Details of Dongfeng EQ2180GD5D four-wheel drive off-road truck Dongfeng 4WD trucks are also called 4WD desert trucks, 4×4 all-wheel drive trucks, 4×4 off-road trucks, etc. The total weight of the vehicle is 18000kg, the curb weight is 7815kg, the dimensions: 8150x2550x3050mm, the size of the cargo box: 5600x2350x600mm, 4500 wheelbase, Cummins ISB190 50 national …

Dongfeng off road 6x6 military bus

Dongfeng off road / all wheel drive 6×6 military bus/ crew truck

Dongfeng military bus, also we called all wheel drive bus, 6×6 bus, off road bus, 30 seats military bus, is made under the cargo truck chassis, military truck chassis, 4×4 or 6×6 for your option. This 30 seats military bus is made for UN. The main parameter of this dongfeng truck chassis: ▲ Cab: Dongfeng old 153 military cab. ▲ …

Dongfeng off road truck with xcmg crane

Dongfeng off road truck with xcmg crane

Dongfeng off road truck with xcmg crane, this is the military class dongfeng chassis and equipped with famouse XCMG 10 tons straight arm crane. The four-wheel drive truck crane is mainly used for road conditions such as rainy roads, deserts, mountains, snow, etc. In order to prevent the wheels from slipping, the four wheels of the truck crane can get …