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Dongfeng D9 docking garbage truck

Dongfeng D9 18000 liters docking garbage truck

Dongfeng D9 docking garbage truck, this is the ordinary used garbage compression and transport vehicle, and mainly together used with the garbage station. It also called Docking garbage truck, compression docking garbage truck, compression station transfer vehicle, garbage transfer vehicle, compression station special garbage truck, docking garbage truck price, compression station docking garbage truck, large docking garbage truck. These are 3 …

China docking garbage truck

China Kaima 5 cbm docking garbage truck

China Kaima 5 cbm docking garbage truck, docking garbage truck is a very popular garbage transportation truck you can see on the road or in the street. And it is the supporting vehicle related to compressed garbage station. We are the docking garbage truck manufacturer & supplier, we can supply you all Chinese brand docking garbage trucks like Dongfneg docking garbage truck, Howo docking garbage …

details of docking garbage truck

China style Dongfeng docking garbage truck

Dongfeng docking garbage truck is a new china style garbage transfer truck mainly for the transportation of compactor garbage in the garbage transfer station. Main Parameters Dongfeng tianjin classical cab with cummins 190 horse power, 4500mm wheelbase, and 12000 liters capacity. Working Process The compressed garbage station lifts the garbage box vertically after the garbage is compressed into a block, …