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  • Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Engine Model:CA6DK1-28E6

    Overall Dimension(mm):12000×2550×3840

    Gross Vehicle Weight(kg):25000


    Mass of Crane:5300

    Truck-mounted cranes are efficient and multifunctional special vehicles essential for loading and unloading, high-altitude operations, emergency rescue, and equipment installation.

    • Specifications

    Detailed picture

    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane


    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Introduction to the Jiefang Chassis

    • Durability: Made with high-strength materials and advanced manufacturing processes, the Jiefang chassis offers excellent durability and reliability, suitable for various complex working environments.
    • Powerful Performance: Equipped with high-performance engines, the Jiefang chassis provides strong power output, meeting the demands of truck-mounted cranes in different working conditions.
    • Good Handling: The design of the Jiefang chassis emphasizes handling performance, featuring excellent steering and braking systems to ensure stability and safety, even when the vehicle is loaded.
    • Economic and Environmental Efficiency: The Jiefang chassis incorporates energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, complying with national environmental standards, and lowering operational costs.

    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Advantages of Truck-Mounted Cranes

    1. Versatility: Combining the functions of transportation and lifting, truck-mounted cranes are multipurpose vehicles that meet diverse operational needs, reducing operational costs.
    2. Ease of Operation: These cranes are relatively easy to operate, and drivers can become proficient with training, reducing reliance on specialized crane operators.
    3. Efficiency and Energy Savings: Truck-mounted cranes can quickly complete loading, unloading, and high-altitude tasks, improving work efficiency and reducing work time and energy consumption.
    4. Flexibility and Mobility: These cranes can operate in narrow and complex environments with high maneuverability and adaptability.

    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Functions of Truck-Mounted Cranes

    1. Loading and Unloading: Truck-mounted cranes integrate the functions of a crane and a truck, making them ideal for loading and unloading goods without the need for additional lifting equipment. This is particularly useful in logistics and construction sites.
    2. High-Altitude Operations: These cranes are used for tasks requiring elevation, such as electrical maintenance, billboard installations, and lifting construction materials, providing a stable platform for high-altitude work.
    3. Emergency Rescue: In emergency scenarios, truck-mounted cranes can be rapidly deployed to remove obstacles, rescue people, and transport supplies, enhancing the efficiency of rescue operations.
    4. Equipment Installation: In industrial and construction fields, truck-mounted cranes are used for installing and maintaining various types of equipment, reducing the risk and labor intensity of manual handling.

    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Tire picture:

    Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

    Detailed parameters

    Vehicle Name Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane
         Engine &
    Engine Model CA6DK1-28E6
    Engine Brand Faw Group Co., LTD
    Fuel type Diesel
    Displacement (ml) / Power 7146ML/ 209kw (284HP)
    Emission Standard Euro VI
    Max torque 1300N.m
    No of transmission gears 6 Forward, 1 Reverse
            Chassis Chassis Type CA1250P62K1L3T1A1E6Z
    Drive Type 6×4
    No. of Axles 3
    Cab seats 3
    Max Speed(km/h) 89
    Tire 12R22.5
    Tire No.’s 10+1
    Brake type air brake
    Air condition Yes
     Basic information Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 25000
    Curb Weight(kg) 17600
    Rated load(kg) 7270
    Wheelbase(mm) 4350+1350
    Overall Dimension(mm) 12000×2550×3840
    (length ×width×height )
    Crane size 6070×2540×2570
    (length ×width×height )
    Mass of Crane 5300
    Max.Lifting Capacity 10000
    Color lighter green

    The advantages of Zhonglian crane:

    1. Advanced Technology:

    Zoomlion cranes are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including intelligent control systems, GPS tracking, and real-time monitoring. These features enhance operational efficiency, safety, and ease of use.

    2. High Performance:

    Known for their robust lifting capacity and precision, Zoomlion cranes can handle a wide range of heavy lifting tasks. Their powerful engines and durable components ensure consistent performance even in the most demanding conditions.

    3. Versatility:

    Zoomlion offers a diverse range of crane models, including truck cranes, crawler cranes, and all-terrain cranes. This versatility allows them to be used in various industries, such as construction, mining, and transportation, catering to different project requirements.

    4. Safety and Reliability:

    Safety is a top priority for Zoomlion. Their cranes are designed with multiple safety features, including overload protection, emergency stop functions, and stable outriggers. The reliability of Zoomlion cranes reduces downtime and maintenance costs, making them a trusted choice for operators worldwide.


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