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  • Howo 10000 liters concrete mixer truck

    1. Model:CLW5255GJBN5

    2. GVW: 25000KG

    3. Engine: 380 HP

    4. Tank: 10000 liters

    5. Size: 8500x2500x3850mm

    6. Howo 10000 liters concrete/cement mixer truck

    • Specifications

    howo 10000 liters concrete mixer truck howo 10000 liters concrete mixer truck

    Howo 10000 liters concrete mixer truck, these are 2 units 380 horse power euro 5 stock concrete mixer trucks made by Chengli truck. All these two are 10000 liters concrete tank with 6mm thickness wear-resistant carbon steel plate. 10 wheels 3 axles, this is a standard 10000 liters concrete mixer truck.

    howo concrete mixer truck howo concrete mixer truck

    Heavy truck HOWO 10 cbm cement mixer top loading configuration:

    Tank material: Alloy steel (special wear-resistant material – improve the life of the tank more than 3 times)
    Cylinder material: 16 manganese steel 6mm alloy steel
    Blade material: Baosteel 520 5mm alloy steel (adding wear strips to improve service life)
    Head material: 8mm alloy steel
    Reducer: Germany ZF reducer / Italy Bonfigli PMP (pure import)
    Hydraulic system: Germany Rexroth, / US Eaton / US Sao / Italy PMP (pure import)
    Water supply system: 400L water tank pressure water supply
    Cooling system: Kaitong radiator / Xinxiang radiator
    Feeding speed: Feeding speed m3/min≥3
    Discharge speed: Discharge speed m3/min ≥ 2
    Discharge residual rate: discharge residual rate (%) ≤ 0.5
    Mode of operation: three sides of the left and right sides and the cab
    Discharge range: 180° up and down height adjustment
    Safety device: Adding a leak receiving device

    howo concrete mixer vehicle howo concrete mixer vehicle

    Heavy truck HOWO 10 cbm cement mixer chassis configuration:

    Vehicle Name: Heavy truck Haowo 10 square mixer car parameters
    Chinese brand: Heavy truck Haowo 10 square mixer car parameters
    Engine: Heavy truck 340 horsepower – China five
    Displacement (ml): 11596
    Dimensions: 10050×2490×3990
    Mixing volume: 10 cubic meters (10 square mixer)
    Total mass: 25000 (Kg)
    Number of springs: 13/14/12, left 14 right 13/left 14 right 13/12
    Curb weight: 11815 (Kg)
    Rated quality: 12990 (Kg)
    Axle load: 6500/6500/18000
    Wheelbase: 3825+1350 (mm)
    Number of axes: 3 (three axes) (6 × 4)
    Maximum speed: 83 (km / h)
    Transmission: Fast 9
    Front and rear axle: 9-ton front axle 16-ton double rear axle
    Number of tires: 10+1
    Tire specifications: 12.00R-20 original wire tire
    Front track: 1986, 1940
    Rear track: 1860/1860
    Chassis emission standards: GB17691-2005 Euro IV, GB3847-2005

    china 10000 liters concrete mixer china 10000 liters concrete mixer

    Heavy truck HOWO 10 square cement mixer truck description:

    Advantages of the engine: The 340-pound E-FI engine of the heavy-duty truck is the authentic Euro IV emission standard. The engine power is strong, the upgrade is faster, the economy is more fuel-efficient, the environment is environmentally friendly and pollution-free!
    Gearbox advantages: Fast 9-speed gearbox, large torque, fast climbing, international quality, high quality, light weight mixer wheel reducer: international imported brand, Germany Rexroth, Italy PMP, Italy Bonfigli, etc., bearing capacity Strong, low failure rate mixer
    Hydraulic system: All adopt internationally famous hydraulic system, Germany Rexroth, American Eaton, American Sao, Italian PMP liquid system, tank operation is more stable, discharge speed is faster, residual rate is low!

    howo 10000 liters concrete mixer howo 10000 liters concrete mixer

    For more about the chassis parameter or the details about Howo 10000 liters concrete mixer truck, pls contact us freely. 0086-188 72992009

    Success case of Howo 10000 liter mixer truck (to Tanzania)

    Howo concrete mixer trucks to Tanzania


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