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  • China Livestock transportation Truck

    1. Brand: Dongfeng, Foton, Howo...

    2. Origin: China

    3. Drive: LHD/RHD

    4. Engine: Cummins, Chaochai, Yuchai...

    5. China Live stock transportation Truck

    • Specifications

    China Live stock transportation trucks - Foton Auman
    China Livestock transportation Truck, we are the largest China Live stock transportation Truck supplier, factory & manufacturer.

    Animal transport vehicles include, livestock and poultry (chicken, duck and goose) transport vehicles, cattle and sheep transport vehicles, dogs and cats, rats and animals, and other zoo animal transport vehicles.

    Front view of Dongfeng Live stock transportation truck

    Features of such live stock transport vehicles:

    The box body is all stainless steel heat preservation structure, and the outer part is FRP plaque.

    1. The layered loading mechanism: a two-layer loading mechanism is arranged in the box body, and the hydraulic system is used to realize the lifting and lowering of the partition plate, and each layer of the partition plate is arranged to be separated by a column.

    2, Feeding system. It consists of a liquid food tank, a pipeline pump, a pipe, a feeding nozzle, etc., to realize the transportation and feeding of liquid food.

    3, Constant temperature system. It consists of a car refrigerator, a heater, a gas mixing and conveying bin, and a tank exhaust fan to realize the circulation and constant temperature of the living space of the piglet.

    4, Sprinkler system. It consists of a pneumatic water tank, a pipe, a sprinkler, and a sewage collection box. The piglets are sprayed and cooled, and the tank is cleaned.

    5, Up and down platform. The rear door is automatically deployed by the hydraulic system to form a passage for the piglets to enter and exit the box, and a guardrail is provided.

    6, Power supply system. It is equipped with a micro generator to supply power to related equipment.

    Front view of Foton Live stock transportation vehicle

    China Livestock transportation Truck – Foton 8 tons

    inner of China Live stock transportation vehicles

    General empty box of only the air conditioner and  air supply and exhaust system.

    12 wheels China Live stock transportation truck

    layers structure system inside of the box for special requirement.

    Front view of Dongfeng Live stock transportation truck

    Here in China, we have Dongfeng, Howo (which these 2 brands we use the most), others like Shacman, JAC, Isuzu, Foton…

    Please give your idear or suggestions to us, we can do some special design to meet your requirement. OEM/ODM service supplied.



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