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Foton refrigerated truck for sale

Foton refrigerated truck for sales

Foton refrigerated truck for vegetables, fruits, meats, medicine, seafood, milk, icecream… we are the direct truck factory & manufacturer… please contact us for the best price and detailed parameters. Refrigerated trucks are hot & popular truck models in the market, as nowadays the development of people’s life. More and more fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, and others needed in mordern cities… …

Foton refrigerated truck

Foton 12000 liters refrigerated truck

Foton 12000 liters refrigerated truck, Foton refrigerated truck supplier & manufacturer, Foton brand refrigerated van truck made by chengli truck from China. Foton Refrigerated truck is a full sealed van used to transport the frozen food or fresh goods, and is also kind of special transportation vehicle equipped with refrigeration unit device and polyurethane thermal insulation box. Foton gray blue color …

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