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wrecker truck for sale from china

Wrecker truck body for sale from China

Wrecker truck (body) for sale from China. As the fast increase need of China trucks from the worldside market in recent years, many customers try to import only the truck body and then assembling it in their local factory to reduce the total cost. Cos we all know that trucks always take up a …

China Kaima recovery truck factory

China Kaima wrecker truck

China Kaima wrecker truck, also called a tow truck, a breakdown truck, recovery vehicle or a breakdown lorry. We are the factory and manufacturer of kaima wrecker truck, chengli wrecker truck company, brand CLW. Chassis configuration: Fuyun to the classic cab, 95-hp engine, 5-speed gearbox, 4.5-ton rear axle, 7.00-16 tires, steam brakes, power steering, ABS, and national five emission standards. …