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» Special Purpose Truck

  • ISUZU truck with crane 4×2 190hp 5-ton

    Overall dimensions:7100*2300*2800 mm

    Cargo dimensions:4500*2300*550 mm

    G.V.W:11000 kg


    power:190 hp

    • Specifications


    ISUZU truck-mounted cranes, also known as ISUZU truck with cranes, ISUZU crane trucks, ISUZU loader cranes, are special vehicles that integrate cargo lifting and transportation. They are mostly used in stations, warehouses, docks, construction sites, field rescue and other places. Truck-mounted cranes can be equipped with cargo boxes of different lengths and cranes of different tonnages.

    ISUZU truck with crane XCMG is a special vehicle with powerful functions and high reliability. It has the stability and carrying capacity of an Isuzu NPR truck chassis with the high lifting capacity and versatility of an XCMG 5-ton crane. Safety, flexibility and ease of maintenance are important features that make it ideal for a variety of lifting tasks. Whether on construction sites, logistics or port handling, the ISUZU truck-mounted crane provides you with outstanding performance and support.ISUZU truck-mounted cranes


    Key Features

    «The pentagonal boom section has good neutrality and high cross-section bending resistance.

    «Automatic end-position hook retracting device improves driving safety

    «The over-roll protection device and the optional remote flameout device can avoid frequent lifting and lowering of the crane, making the operation more efficient.

    «The standard XCMG special wide-temperature hydraulic oil can be used in winter and summer.

    «Various forms of operation to meet the needs of different customersISUZU truck-mounted cranes


    Product Specifications

    Product Technical Specifications
    Product name ISUZU Truck With Crane XCMG
    Vehicle brand CLW
    Chassis brand ISUZU
    Driving type 4×2,left hand drive
    Cab Single row, with A/C, ABS
    No. of passengers 3
    Overall dimensions 7100*2300*2800 mm
    Cargo dimensions 4500*2300*550 mm
    G.V.W 11000 kg
    Curb weight 5850 kg
    Loading capacity 5000 kg
    Max speed 90 Km/h
    Chassis model QL110A8
    Wheel base 4475 mm
    Gear box 6 forwards &1 reverse, manual
    Brake system Air brake
    Operation control system Power Steering
    Electric system 24V
    Tires & Quantity 235/75R17.5 & 16+1
    Engine brand ISUZU
    Engine model 4HK1-TC50
    Maximum power 140 kw / 190 hp
    Displacement 5193 ml
    Emission standard Euro 5
    Type of fuel Diesel
    Type 4 cylinders, in line, water cooling, turbocharged
    XCMG Crane Specifications
    Model KSQS125
    Max Lifting Capacity 5000 kg
    Max Lifting Moment 12.5 T.M
    Crane Weight 2200 KG
    Installation Space 900 mm
    Max. Working Radius 11 m
    Max. Lifting Height 13 m
    Max Pressure of Hydraulic System 22 Mpa
    Oil Tank Capacity 90 L
    Rotation Angle All Rotation 360°
    Boom Section 4

    ISUZU truck-mounted cranes

    Tips for keeping your ISUZU truck-mounted crane balanced

    ISUZU crane trucks are increasingly used in engineering construction. Whether it is a knuckle or telescopic boom crane, the number of boom sections is two or more and the boom is long. If the goods being lifted are too heavy, the balance of the vehicle will be affected. Problems may occur, so we need to take some countermeasures before carrying out lifting operations to prevent the vehicle from tilting or overturning.

    1. The working site of the ISUZU truck-mounted crane must be flat, solid and reliable. If the soil is soft, it must be compacted and reinforced. If necessary, sleepers, roadbed or thick steel plate tracks must be laid in the walking area.
    2. When lifting vertical and large components, it is necessary to check whether the weight and binding are reliable. Do not lift goods with unknown weight or weak binding to prevent the hanging hoist from breaking.
    3. When carrying out lifting operations, the wire rope must be kept vertical and cannot be lifted diagonally beyond the slew radius of the crane to avoid overloading and the wire rope slipping or breaking the rope, causing the crane to become unstable. If lifting heavy goods, a pull rope must be installed. When the crane is vertical, the boom must be lifted, lowered, and rotated smoothly, and must not swing in the air. At the same time, try to avoid emergency braking or impact vibration. Do not lift unless reliable measures are taken. It is strictly prohibited to carry out overload hoisting with truck-mounted cranes to avoid accelerating the wear and tear of mechanical parts or causing vehicle tipping accidents.
    4. Try to avoid using the crane at full load. The crane is strictly prohibited from lifting and rotating at the same time. This is to avoid overloading the crane and causing a rollover accident due to uneven roads or inertia. If it is necessary to lift goods, when moving a short distance, the goods should be moved directly in front of the crane. The goods should not be more than 50cm from the ground. Pull the rope to prevent swinging and move slowly.
    5. When two truck-mounted cranes are lifting at the same time, a safe distance of more than 5 meters should be maintained between the goods lifted by the crane to avoid collision accidents.
    6. When the ISUZU truck-mounted crane is carrying out lifting operations, professionals must be responsible for the command work. The ISUZU loader crane operators and the commander must cooperate with each other and be familiar with the commander’s gestures, language and other signals.


     ISUZU truck-mounted cranes ISUZU truck-mounted cranes ISUZU truck-mounted cranes  ISUZU truck-mounted cranes


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