Suction sweeping sweeper
  • Pure sweeping sweeper
  • Self-propelled sweeping car
  • Electrical road and floor sweeper
  • Electrical floor sweeper
  • Electrical road sweeper
  • Electric road and floor sweeper

    1. Cleaning width: 1800mm

    2. Working time: 6-8h

    3. Trash can capacity: 185L

    4. Walking speed: 0-12Km/h

    5. Weight: 680KG

    6. Product size: 2150*1760*2020mm

    • Specifications

    Suction sweeping sweeper

    Brief introduction

    Sweeping Sweeper is an integrated garbage sweeper that combines sweeping and vacuuming. It has the advantages of high work efficiency, low cleaning cost, good cleaning effect, high safety performance and high economic return. It has been widely used in major small and medium-sized cities. Cleaning work, cleaning of the floor of the factory floor office building.

    Pure sweeping sweeper

    working principle:

    The front end of the vehicle is equipped with two rotating brushes. When the vehicle is moving forward, the aforementioned brush will bring the garbage and sand on the ground to the middle of the vehicle, and then use the vacuum suction head of the vehicle to waste the garbage. The sand is pumped into the waste collection box on the vehicle.

    Self-propelled sweeping car

    Classification of sweeper:

    1. Push-type sweeper and walk-behind sweeper
    2, no power sweeping car
    3, self-propelled sweeping car
    4, pure sweeping sweeping car
    5, suction sweeping sweeper
    6, pure suction sweeping vehicle (multi-function full suction sweeper)
    7, dry sweeper (vacuum car)
    8, wet sweeper
    9, full suction sweeper
    10, multi-purpose sweeping car
    11, large sweeping car

    Electrical road and floor sweeper

    Performance advantage:

    1. High work efficiency: 8,000 square meters can be cleaned every hour;
    2, low cleaning costs: electric sweeper can replace 12-15 manual cleaning;
    3, the cleaning effect is good: the electric sweeper adopts the combination of sweeping and sucking, which is much cleaner than the traditional manual cleaning;
    4, high safety performance: let the cleaners in a safe environment;
    5. High economic returns: improve operating efficiency, save operating costs, and create higher economic benefits.

    Electrical floor sweeper

    Work scene:

    Suitable for cleaning operations in various climates and different dry roads, it is more suitable for cleaning in squares, highways, residential quarters, parking lots, terminals, airports, stations, cement plants, power plants, underground garages, parks, factories, industrial parks, etc. Dust removal…

    Electrical road sweeper

    Main Parameter:

    Cleaning width: 1800mm
    Main brush width: 700mm
    Working efficiency: 8000-12000m2/h
    Working time: 6-8h
    Trash can capacity: 185L
    Water tank: 120L
    Walking motor: 1500W
    Rolling brush motor: 700W
    Power source: 36V
    Walking speed: 0-12Km/h
    Battery capacity: 48V/58Ah-120Ah (optional)
    Weight: 680KG
    Product size: 2150*1760*2020mm

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