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  • Dongfeng Dolica 16m telescopic boom bucket truck

    1. Make: Dongfeng

    2. Type: telescopic bucket truck

    3. Cab: Double Row

    4. Height: 16 m

    • Specifications

    Real shot pictures of Dongfeng Dolica 16m telescopic boom bucket truck

    Dongfeng Duolika 16m Dongfeng Dolica 16m telescopic boom bucket truck configuration

    Chassis configuration:
    Dongfeng double-row yellow cab, wheelbase 2800mm, Chaochai 102 horsepower authentic State V engine (Yuchai 115 horsepower State V engine), 5-speed gearbox, oil brake, steering assist, ABS, 7.00R16 steel tires.

    Information provided with the car:
    Special value-added tax invoice, vehicle qualification certificate, vehicle tools, service manual, warranty manual.
    Special function introduction of aerial work truck:
    1. Lifting boom: Four-section telescopic boom, equipped with a length sensor. If the safe working angle and height controlled by PLG are exceeded during operation, the sensor will automatically alarm. The lifting angle and working height are automatically displayed on the electronic control panel, which is clearly visible. Single hydraulic lifting cylinder, two-way balance valve is installed on the hydraulic cylinder respectively to ensure the stability and reliability of the arm, and the whole vehicle does not have a hook.
    2. Four hydraulic outriggers: each outrigger is equipped with an outrigger extension sensor, and a two-way hydraulic lock is installed separately. The left and right sides are: to ensure that the outriggers will not contract after being put down; if they are not extended or extended If it is not in place, an alarm will be issued, and the self-locking of the uploader can not work to ensure the safety of the operation. The outrigger control valve is a manual valve, and the four outriggers can be controlled individually.
    3. The center revolves 360 degrees, double-position operation is realized on the revolving and working bucket, PLC electronic control control, (in the form of two electric control boxes).
    4. Working bucket: ability to move horizontally and vertically, which is convenient for operation. The working bucket has a load limit of 200kg.
    5. Equipped with a power unit, that is, when the main vehicle fails, this power unit can be used for emergency, and the extension of the arm and the extension of the outrigger can also be realized. This action adds a manual switch and an electric control switch for flexible operation.
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