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什么是吸污车? 吸污车介绍


什么是吸污车? 吸污车介绍

Shacman 20cbm真空排污车


The sewage suction truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects, transfers, cleans, and transports sludge, 污水, and avoids secondary pollution. The sewage suction truck can self-absorb and discharge. 它具有快速的工作速度, large capacity and convenient transportation. It is suitable for collecting and transporting feces, 泥, Liquid substances such as crude oil. The sewage suction truck adopts the domestic technology-leading vacuum pump of the sewage suction truck, which has large suction power and long suction range. 它特别适合于吸, 装运和污泥的排放在下水道, 特别是对吸吮污水泥, 淤泥, 石头, and bricks. 大的物体,如块.

Sewage suction truck classification

According to the brand classification: 东风 吸污车, Jiefang sewage suction truck, 福田吸污车, 中国重汽 吸污车, Shaanxi Automobile sewage suction truck, 江淮吸污车.

按外观分类: single-axle sewage suction truck, double-axle sewage suction truck, flat-head sewage suction truck, pointed-head sewage suction truck.

Dongfeng sewage suction truck classification: Xiaobawang sewage suction truck, Dolica sewage suction truck, Sanping Diesel sewage suction truck, 140 吸污车, 145 吸污车, 153 吸污车, 1208 吸污车.

按用途分类: 垃圾车

The purchase of sewage suction truck

1. 注意板的质量, 真空度, 不良的材料很可能会引起诸如储罐变形的问题.

2. 真空套件的选择, 承压能力和温差感知. 威龙系列产品是国内首个套件.

3. 后油箱盖的选择取决于当地的工作环境和温差.

4. According to the relevant regulations of the Euro Development and Reform Commission on the mandatory implementation of Euro III exhaust emissions, 从七月开始 1, 2008, all the previous Euro II vehicle parameter data will be deleted. Please pay attention to the national III emission mark and related procedures when purchasing vehicles.

User Guide for Sewage Suction Truck

1. Preparation before homework
⑴The rear of the sewage suction truck should be as close as possible to the working point and parked.
⑵ Pull the oil return tank through cock handle to an angle of about 45° with the axis of the oil inlet pipe, observe the oil inlet pipe, there should be lubricating oil flowing.
(3) 打开平台箱的侧门, 取出吸尘软管, 并使其向后摆动而不会弯曲.
2. 吸气操作
⑴. 将吸污软管尽可能深地泵入污垢液中,以确保在操作过程中管道的末端始终在距液面300mm以下的位置.
⑵. 推动四通阀的手柄使其垂直于地面.
⑶. 将变速箱置于空档, 然后启动引擎, 断开离合器, pull the power take-off switch back to shift the gear and take the power, and the vacuum pump will start to run.
⑷Open the toolbox in the cab, pull out the buzzer switch, and turn on its power.
⑸ The operator can pass through the observation mirror on the upper part of the rear head. When the liquid level reaches the middle of the observation mirror, the driver should be notified, and the colleague should quickly pull the dirt suction hose off the ground or close the four-way valve. 在正常情况下, 此时蜂鸣器将发出声音和光信号, 驾驶员在收到信号时应降低油门, 将取力器开关向前推动并脱离档位, 真空泵停止, 按下蜂鸣器开关以切断电源 .
flush冲洗软管后, 放回平台箱, 关上侧门, 并使动臂朝向驾驶室的上部.

3. 卸料操作
⑵拉四通阀的后手柄使其与地面平行, 打开防溢阀, 并使手柄平行于管线轴线.
(3) 将变速箱置于空档, 然后启动引擎, 断开离合器, 向后拉取纸器开关以接上电源, 真空泵开始运转, 使变速箱处于空档, 然后启动引擎, 断开离合器, and switch the power take-off Pull back to shift the gear to take power, and the vacuum pump starts to run.
⑷After the dirty liquid in the tank is discharged, the driver should promptly push the power take-off handle forward to release the gear, and the vacuum pump will stop running.
⑸ Close the fuel tank straight-through cock handle parallel to the axis of the mailbox. After flushing the hose, 放回平台箱, 关上侧门, and place the boom toward the upper side of the cab.
⑹ Drive the sewage suction truck away from the work site.

Precautions for sewage suction truck

(1) Maintain a suitable number of revolutions of the vacuum pump

The speed of the vacuum pump is too high, and the rotor heats up. If the speed is too low, it will cause additional shocks to the shipping machine and components, which will affect the service life. In order to achieve a suitable working speed, please adjust the best position of the hand throttle according to the pump type in advance.
(2) Self-unloading and turning over the tank on a flat ground;
When dumping the tank on a sloping road, the parts will be twisted and deformed and cause failure, and may cause a rollover accident.
(3) Open the tank body and the tank door first when turning over the tank by self-unloading:
Before dumping the dump tank and unloading the mud, loosen the locking bolts and lift the rear tank door to the required angle. When the tank body is full, it is prohibited to lift the tank body with the rear tank door closed, otherwise there is a risk of overturning.
(4) When the oil pump and vacuum pump take power, the engine is idling, and the clutch pedal is fully stepped in. After turning on the power take-off switch, slowly release the clutch pedal.
(5) 汽车在行驶时, the vacuum pump and oil pump are in a stopped working state.
(6) The vehicle must not suck in materials larger than the diameter of the hose and transport waste oil and hazardous materials.
(7) Support rods and safety blocks must be used when entering the bottom of the tank or for maintenance under the state of self-unloading, tilting and lifting.
(8) When transporting dirt, the vehicle must drive at medium and slow speeds, and must not turn sharply or brake sharply, because there is no wave breaker in the tank and the center of gravity is high.

Brands of sewage suction trucks in China:

东风真空吸污车, Howo vacuum sewage suction truck, 福田吸污车, Jac vacuum sewage suction truck, 五十铃 真空吸污车, Faw vacuum sewage suction truck, Shacman vacuum sewage suction truck, …

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