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Wrecker Winch

Winch for Wrecker truck

1. Winch for Wrecker truck

2. Loading: 4-5 tons

3. Stock: Yes

4. Made in China

  • Specifications

1. Product introduction:

The hydraulic drive winch is used for car self-rescue, rescue and towing objects. It can also be used for towing faulty vehicles for road wrecker rescue vehicles, as well as engineering installation, oil field drilling and other on-site pulling heavy objects. This product can work in the field with the host for a long time. It is characterized by compact structure, small size, light weight, large tension, easy installation and convenient maintenance.

2. Product features:

1. All-steel three-stage planetary gear

2. Equipped with SWR rope pressing device

3. Hydraulic retractable, manual rope release valve

4. Automatic thread brake (world-class cutting-edge winch technology)

Wrecker Winch

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