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What is truck mounted crane? Introduction of truck mounted crane


Truck Mounted Crane

Isuzu truck mounted crane

The truck-mounted crane is a kind of equipment that realizes the lifting, turning and hoisting of goods through a hydraulic lifting and telescopic system. It is usually assembled on a truck.

It is widely used in the hoisting and transportation of infrastructure materials and other equipment such as municipal construction, coal mine engineering, landscaping, etc.

The truck-mounted crane is a kind of transportation vehicle that combines the truck-mounted crane and the chassis. It is composed of boom, turntable, frame, outrigger and other parts. The mechanical action of the truck crane is realized through the actions of luffing, telescoping, turning, hoisting and other mechanisms, and the lifting operation is realized through the combination of different actions.

Model of truck mounted crane

Applicable working conditions: Dongfeng traditional areas, high-density goods such as iron powder, iron ore and other heavy-duty goods, suitable for transportation in poor road conditions such as mountain roads and construction site roads.

The production of truck-mounted cranes in China started late. By the end of the 1970s, the variety of truck-mounted cranes produced throughout the country was still very single, and the production scale was small. By the 1980s, the variety and output of truck-mounted cranes showed an increasing trend. In the past few years, the total production and sales of truck-mounted cranes in the domestic market have grown more violently. According to industry statistics, the total market in 1999 was about 1,000 units, the total market in 2000 was about 1,300 units, and the total market in 2001 The volume is about 1700 units, and the current market total is about 2000 units.

Precautions during the operation of the truck crane

1): Understand the size of the lifted cargo, find the distance from the center of the cargo to the center of the crane column, and view the crane lifting capacity parameters based on the distance.
2): The lifting capacity (torque) of the crane is fixed, the larger the working radius of the crane is. The lighter the lifted goods, the smaller the working radius, and the heavier the lifted goods. (The working radius refers to the horizontal distance from the center of the moment to the hook.)-
3): Considering the lifting capacity of the crane and the bearing capacity of the chassis size, the larger the girder is, the better. The larger the crane and the smaller the chassis will cause the girder to deform and break. When the chassis is small, the power of the engine is small, which affects the lifting capacity of the crane. Therefore, when we consider the 230mm girder, we choose a crane less than 3 tons. When considering a beam of 250mm, consider a crane of less than 6 tons. For 280mm girder, cranes under 8 tons can be selected. For chassis like the rear eight wheels and the first four, cranes under 10 tons can be considered. –
4): The crane produced by our company is the introduction of Japanese Tadano advanced technology and imported seals. The steel plate material adopts HG60 and HG70 high-strength steel plates. –
5): In the case of normal operation according to the manual, our company provides free three-guarantee service for one year. -(Three months for wearing parts)

Maintenance knowledge of truck mounted crane

The maintenance of truck mounted cranes is a very important procedure. Below we will introduce several aspects of maintenance knowledge:

1. Know your own vehicle very well, you must know its functions and limitations, as well as some of its special operating characteristics.

2. Should be fully familiar with the contents specified in the operation manual of the truck-mounted crane.

3. Should be fully familiar with the hoisting drawings of the truck-mounted crane. You must understand the meaning of all signs and warnings; you must be able to calculate or determine the actual lifting capacity of the truck-mounted crane.

4. According to the manufacturer’s requirements, regular inspection and maintenance shall be carried out on the truck and transported.

5. Make a log of the truck-mounted lifting and transportation work, and record in the log: detailed records of all inspections, maintenance, and maintenance of the truck-mounted lifting and transportation.

6. Find the load, install the lock, and figure out where the load is placed. Although the operator is not responsible for determining the weight of the load, if he fails to verify the total weight with the supervisor, then he shall be responsible for the lifting and transportation with the vehicle and all the consequences.

7. Consider all factors that may affect the lifting capacity of the truck, and adjust the weight of the lifting accordingly.

8. Know the basic procedures of how to install rigging on the load, and ensure that it is implemented in specific operations.

9. Stable and safe operation, lifting and transportation with the vehicle.

China Brands of truck mounted crane

There are many truck mounted crane brands in China, including Dongfeng truck mounted crane, Howo Dongfeng truck mounted crane, Jac Dongfeng truck mounted crane, Isuzu Dongfeng truck mounted crane, Foton Dongfeng truck mounted crane, Shacman Dongfeng truck mounted crane, …

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