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What is Fire Truck? Introduction of Fire Fighting Truck


 Instruction of Fire Fighting Truck

Introduction of Fire Fighting Truck

What is Fire Truck?

Fire trucks, also known as firetrucks, are vehicles specially designed for firefighting or other emergency rescue purposes. Fire trucks are the general term for all types of firefighting vehicles equipped with various firefighting equipment and firefighting appliances. They are currently the main fire fighting forces fighting fires. Tools are the most basic mobile fire fighting equipment.

The fire truck is divided into:

Light fire truck, medium fire truck, heavy fire truck;

According to the shape classification:

Single bridge fire truck, rear double bridge fire truck, front four wheels rear eight wheels fire truck, flat head 140 fire truck, pointed 153 fire truck.

According to the Brand,Fire trucks are divided into:

Dongfeng fire truck, Jiefang fire truck, Foton fire truck, Shaanxi automobile fire truck, heavy truck fire truck, Hongyan fire truck, Chongqing Isuzu fire truck, Jiangxi Isuzu fire truck, German Man fire truck

The overall design of the fire truck:

The streamlined design of the whole vehicle is novel in appearance, flexible and flexible, economical and practical. The internal equipment frame partition materials are made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, which are beautiful and elegant. All kinds of equipment are placed reasonably and fixed with special special fixtures. The double-row integral structure is mostly used, with a wide field of vision, a large number of occupants, and can take 6-8 people; fire trucks can extinguish fires while traveling, with a long range and strong fighting ability. Optional normal pressure fire pump, medium and low pressure fire pump, high and low pressure fire pump. According to the north-south climate and the requirements of special users, we can design and modify orders for users, and can install accessories such as preheating insulation devices, direction assistance, air conditioning, etc., please call our company.

According to the Media, it can be divided into:

Pump fire truck, water tank fire truck, foam fire truck, dry powder fire truck, water-foam-dry powder combined fire truck, Class A foam fire truck, carbon dioxide fire truck, lighting fire truck, cloud ladder fire truck, lifting jet fire Vehicles, ascending fire trucks, emergency rescue fire trucks, dedicated fire trucks (smoke fire trucks, water supply fire trucks, liquid supply fire trucks, ambulance fire trucks, publicity fire trucks, equipment fire trucks).

Fire truck classification description:

Water tank fire truck: It is still the most common fire fighting vehicle of the fire brigade. In addition to fire pumps and equipment, the vehicle is also equipped with a large-capacity water storage tank, water gun, water cannon, etc., which can transport water and firefighters to the fire site to put out the fire independently. It can also absorb water directly from the water source for fire fighting, or supply water to other fire trucks and fire-fighting spray devices, suitable for fighting general fires.

Foam fire truck: It is mainly equipped with fire pumps, water tanks, foam liquid tanks, foam mixing systems, foam guns, guns and other fire fighting equipment. It can quickly spray a large number of high multiple air bubbles equivalent to 400-1000 times of the foam of the water tank truck to make it burn. The surface of the object is isolated from the air, and is particularly suitable for fighting oil, chemical, industrial and mining enterprises, port cargo yards and other oil fires.

Dry powder fire truck: It is mainly equipped with a dry powder fire extinguishing agent tank and a complete set of dry powder injection devices, fire fighting equipment, etc. It can extinguish flammable and flammable liquids, flammable gas fires, live equipment fires, and can also fight fires of general substances. For large-scale chemical pipeline fires, the fighting effect is particularly significant, and it is a standing fire truck for petrochemical enterprises.

Cloud ladder fire truck: The multi-level cloud ladder can directly send firefighters to the fire site on the high-rise building for timely disaster relief, and can rescue the distressed people trapped in the fire site in time, greatly improving the ability of fire fighting and disaster relief.

Carbon dioxide fire truck: mainly used to fight fires such as valuable equipment, precision instruments, important cultural relics, books and archives;

Airport rescue fire trucks: dedicated to the rescue and rescue of personnel on plane crash fires;

Lighting fire truck: provide lighting for fire fighting and rescue work at night;

Smoke exhaust fire truck: Especially suitable for fire fighting in underground buildings and warehouses.

Fire Truck Equipments

Air foam gun, water gun, fire suction pipe, water filter, water divider, fire hose, hose hook, hose cloth cloth, reducer interface, same type interface, DC water gun, fire hydrant transition joint, flowering water gun, DC Switch water gun, sheep pick, ground wrench, suction pipe wrench, belt bridge, mixer suction pipe, waist axe, fire board axe, shovel, crowbar.

Emergency equipments

Ladders, bamboo ladders, etc. (overhead), motorized chain saws, hydraulic expansion pliers, portable universal cutters, climbers, lifting air cushions, pneumatic breaking tools, gas cutters, axes, picks, pliers, spades, etc.

Protective equipments

Fire fighting helmets, fire fighting suits, fire gloves and boots, fire safety belts and safety hooks, respiratory protection equipment, built-in heavy chemical protective clothing, closed chemical protective clothing, fire chemical protective clothing, special chemical protective nuclear protective clothing, simple Chemical protective clothing, fire protection clothing, mobile gas supply, dual gas cylinder respirator, multi-purpose canister, chemical protective gloves, electrically insulating gloves, cut resistant gloves, high temperature resistant gloves, chemical safety boots.

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