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What is Aerial Bucket Truck? Introduction of Aerial Bucket Truck


What is Aerial Bucket Truck? Introduction of Aerial Bucket Truck

Isuzu 18 m aerial bucket truck

Vehicle-mounted aerial work vehicle refers to a vehicle that is more than 3 meters long and is controlled by a hydraulic or electric system with multiple hydraulic cylinders and can be lifted up and down for operations. The manned aerial work vehicle with hydraulic transmission is contemporary advanced machinery and equipment. The construction personnel use the aerial work vehicle to lift into the air, as long as they are used correctly, safety is guaranteed. However, improper operation or safety measures have not been implemented, and it is a very dangerous main air operation procedure.

Dongfeng Dolica 16m telescopic Boom Aerial bucket Truck

Usage of Aerial Bucket Truck

The articulated aerial work vehicle can be overhanging, crossing certain obstacles or lifting in one place for multi-point operations; the platform has a large load capacity, which can be used for two or more people to work at the same time and can carry certain equipment; the lifting platform is mobile Good performance, convenient transfer site; beautiful appearance, suitable for indoor and outdoor operations and storage. It is suitable for large-scale operations such as stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mines workshops.

Trailer-type folding boom aerial work vehicle, easy to move, compact folding arm structure, using new high-quality steel, high strength, light weight, directly connected to AC power or using its own DC power source to start, fast erection speed, the workbench can be raised and can be It can be extended horizontally and can be rotated. It is easy to cross obstacles to reach the working position. It is an ideal high-altitude operation equipment.

Aerial bucket truck classification

Vertical lift type

Also known as scissor type, aerial work vehicle, knuckle boom lift type aerial work vehicle, self-propelled aerial work platform, telescopic boom type aerial work vehicle, crank arm type aerial work vehicle, cylinder-cylinder aerial work vehicle, Aluminum alloy aerial work truck, self-loading garbage truck. Among them, the vertical lift type working bucket has a heavy load, but the working height is limited, the maneuverability is poor, and it is not flexible. At present, the folding arm lift type aerial work vehicle is widely used in China. In addition, it can also be divided into vertical lift type (also called scissor type) aerial work vehicle, folding arm lift type aerial work vehicle, self-propelled aerial work platform, telescopic boom type aerial work vehicle, crank arm type aerial work vehicle, cover Cylinder aerial work vehicle, aluminum alloy aerial work vehicle, self-loading and unloading garbage truck. Among them, the vertical lift type working bucket has a heavy load, but the working height is limited, the maneuverability is poor, and it is not flexible. At present, the folding arm lift type aerial work vehicle is widely used in China.

Scissor lift truck

Scissor aerial work vehicle is a special equipment for aerial work with a wide range of uses. Its scissor mechanical structure enables the lifting platform to have higher stability, a large working platform and a higher load-bearing capacity, so that the high-altitude operation range is larger, and it is suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. It makes high-altitude operations more efficient and safer.

Self-propelled aerial work platform

The main feature of ZSJY series self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform is: the user can control the mechanical lifting and walking without going down the lifting platform, and can control the equipment to travel to other working places on the platform. The equipment itself has walking and steering drive functions, without manual traction or external power supply. It is flexible and convenient to move, making high-altitude operations more convenient and fast. It is an ideal high-altitude operation equipment for modern enterprises’ efficient and safe production.

Telescopic boom aerial work platform

Telescopic boom aerial work platform is a product that serves mobile aerial work in various industries, such as aerial work, equipment installation, and maintenance. Telescopic boom aerial work platforms are mainly divided into straight boom aerial work platforms and bent boom aerial work platforms. It is mostly used in places with high requirements such as shipyards. This type of machine is safer and easy to move, but the cost is high.

Crank boom aerial operating vehicle

The crank arm type aerial work vehicle is easy to move, and the crank arm structure is compact. It adopts new high-quality steel, high strength and light weight. It can be directly connected to AC power or started by the vehicle’s own power. It has a fast erection speed. It has a telescopic arm and the workbench can be raised. It can be extended and can be rotated 360 degrees, and it is easy to cross obstacles to reach the working position. It is an ideal high-altitude operation equipment.

Cylinder type aerial work vehicle

cylinder type aerial work vehicle is a kind of multi-purpose aerial work machinery, its function is to send the platform carrying the operators and the equipment to the special engineering equipment at the designated height for aerial work. This equipment is widely used in high-altitude operations such as industrial and mining workshops, high halls, warehouses, stations, and squares. The whole machine is composed of a platform, a telescopic cylinder, a single-ladder or double-ladder anti-rotation mechanism, a chassis fuel tank, outriggers, walking wheels, etc. The platform has a telescopic cylinder to directly lift up. When the motor is started, the motor drives the gear pump to supply oil. The oil is fed into the cylinder through the one-way valve and electromagnetic channel. The telescopic cylinder rises section by section. When the platform rises to the maximum height, the system pressure is also The rated working pressure is reached. At this time, the oil spill valve is unloaded, and the oil pressure is kept at a constant working pressure. After the stop, the one-way valve maintains the pressure, and the platform stays at the maximum working position. The platform can be adjusted according to the working height of the site. Stay anywhere below the maximum height.


●Aerial work platform operation regulations:

1. When the arm is lifted: first raise the small arm, extend the small arm, and then cross the lower arm and upper arm. When taking off and landing the boom, the maximum angle of elevation of the upper arm should not exceed 70 degrees, regardless of the angle of the lower arm. When working at height, it is strictly forbidden to fold the forearm.
2. When operating the boom, switch to (top-loading operation).
3. When operating the boom, first twist the action knob, then slowly pull the booster handle, and gently pull and release to achieve a stable action.
4. When landing: first lower the upper arm and lower arm, and finally close the lower arm.
5. When stretching the legs: first stretch the horizontal legs, and then extend the vertical legs; When closing the legs: first retract the vertical legs, then the horizontal legs.
6. The load of the working bucket is 200 kg, and overloading is strictly prohibited.
7. The lifting arm hook has a load limit of 1000KG and a safety value of 800KG, and must be operated directly behind the vehicle.
8. It is strictly forbidden to stand within the operating radius.
9. When encountering the restrictions of the working environment and the horizontal leg can only extend to one side, please work on one side after the horizontal leg is extended.
10. Regularly check the debris around the knob to avoid debris twisting in, resulting in gear damage.
11. Regularly inject butter into the joints.

● Features of Aerial Work Truck

There are control devices in the working bucket and on the revolving seat, which can remotely control the start/stop, high/low speed of the engine, and use the electro-hydraulic proportional valve to control the action of the arm, which has good stability, and the working arm can be left and right 360° continuous Rotating, the level of the working tank is automatically maintained by the linkage mechanism. When the main pump fails, the emergency pump can be operated to lower the working tank. It is equipped with night lighting and can lift heavy objects. Products are widely used in high-altitude operations such as electricity, street lights, municipal administration, gardens, communications, airports, shipbuilding (repairing), transportation, advertising, and photography.

New type full hydraulic self-propelled special chassis

The self-propelled aerial work lifting platform vehicle with completely independent intellectual property rights has been developed. It adopts the technology of electro-mechanical-hydraulic integration, reliability design and computer-aided design, and successfully developed a fully hydraulic drive, self-propelled special chassis, which is a breakthrough In the past, domestic aerial work hoisting platform vehicles could only adopt the restrictions of the modification design of the chassis of cars or cranes.

Driving with load, good working stability

The chassis structure breaks through the traditional design theories and methods, and reduces the deviation of the center of gravity by optimizing the overall layout and load distribution of the boarding platform. The unique large-angle backward hinge point structure is adopted, and a variety of counterweight modules are reasonably set up to effectively balance the working torque. The use of H-shaped variable cross-section composite box girder piercing frame and high-load solid rubber tires increase the overall rigidity of the chassis, ensure the stability of the whole machine driving and operation process, and realize the function of high-altitude operation lifting platform truck with load.

Multifunctional and multi-purpose operating device

Through the front bracket of the boom, the lifting device or manned platform can be quickly installed to realize the functions of material lifting, hoisting and manned aerial work. At the same time, it provides an interface for the expansion of the work device and the rapid switching of various work devices .

Unique three-dimensional rotating lifting device

The designed three-dimensional rotating lifting device can not only automatically maintain the posture of the material being lifted, but also realize the adjustment requirements of any height, any position and any direction of the lifted material in the space. The speed control is accurate and sensitive, and the micro-motion performance is good. It meets the requirements for high-altitude operations and ventilation duct installation in large caverns.

Brands of China Aerial Bucket Truck:

Dongfeng Aerial Bucket Truck, Howo Aerial Bucket Truck, Jac Aerial Bucket Truck, Shacman Aerial Bucket Truck, Foton Aerial Bucket Truck, Isuzu Aerial Bucket Truck, …

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