mini fecal suction truck
  • 2000 آنتوں سکشن ٹرک لیٹر
  • Kaima fecal suction truck
  • Kaima 2000 آنتوں سکشن ٹرک لیٹر
  • Kaima 2000 آنتوں سکشن ٹرک لیٹر

    1. ماڈل: CLW5040GXEK3

    2. GVW: 4500کلو

    3. Tank Capacity: 2000 لیٹر

    4. انجن: 80Hp

    5. سائز: 5300x1980x2200mm

    • نردجیکرن
    • Chassis Parameters

    mini fecal suction truck

    Fecal suction truck also we call it a vacuum truck, Septic tank truck, Sewage Fecal Suction Truck, Vacuum Fecal Suction Truck, Sewer Suction Truck, Cesspit Emptier Truck, …Kaima 2000 liters fecal suction truck is a new mini suction truck we designed mainly for narrow street/ road/ community/ alleyusually the hearvy or big truck can not drived into. The tank is only 2000 لیٹر, and the whole size is about 5300x1980x2200mm.

    2000 آنتوں سکشن ٹرک لیٹر

    Tankers can be made by carbon steel, سٹینلیس سٹیل. The special part of the suction truck consists of a power take-off device, a drive shaft, a vacuum suction pump, a high-pressure forming tank, an oil/air separator, a boom, a manure valve, a suction dung gun, and a pipe network system, and is equipped with a vacuum pressure gauge. Contaminated windows (tubes), hand-washing devices. The company’s suction trucks are equipped with imported anti-overflow devices to prevent feces and sewage from being sucked up to the vacuum pump system. The suction suction guide tube can be rotated 360 ڈگری, and there are two ways to discharge the pressurized discharge and self-discharge.

    Kaima fecal suction truck

    Suction trucks mainly pump and transport manure and other sewage to urban and rural sanitation departments. Suitable for manure extraction, sewage, sludge slurry and liquids mixed with minor suspended debris, suitable for municipal sanitation, large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises, communities, اسکولوں, septic tank clean-up and transfer, city pipeline cleaning and dredging, factory marshing Liquid residue cleaning.

    Kaima 2000 آنتوں سکشن ٹرک لیٹر

    Suction truck vacuum pump power comes from the chassis engine. The engine is transmitted to the vacuum pump via gearboxes, power take-offs and driveshafts. During the suction operation, the vacuum pump extracts the air in the sealed tank to form a negative pressure. The atmospheric pressure outside the tank is used to press the dirt into the tank through the suction pipe.

    As more other details like the picture or related parameters of Kaima 2000 آنتوں سکشن ٹرک لیٹر , pls contact us directly:mail: sales@cl-spv.com یا ویکیٹ / واٹس ایپ: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com



    Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5040GXEK3
    Main technical data of a manure vehicle
    Product Name: Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5040 Type dung truck Outer size (ملی میٹر): 5330× 1980× 2200
    چیسس ماڈل: KMC1041 Cargo box size (ملی میٹر): × ×
    Total quality (کلو): 4495 Proximity / departure angle (°) 20/22, 20/20
    شرح شدہ معیار (کلو): 1495, 1560 Front suspension / rear suspension (ملی میٹر): 1130/1450, 1130/1570, 1130/1430
    Quality of preparation (کلو): 2805 زیادہ سے زیادہ رفتار (کلومیٹر / H): 95
    Axle load:
    Chassis parameters
    چیسس ماڈل: KMC1041 Chassis batch: 304
    Axis number: 2 Fuel type: diesel oil
    وہیلباسی (ملی میٹر): 2800, 3100, 3300 Front wheelbase (ملی میٹر): 1495
    Rated passenger: 1495, 1560 Posterior wheelbase (ملی میٹر): 1490
    ٹائروں کی تعداد: 6 Number of springs: 9/8+4, 3/5+3
    Emission standards: gb17691 - 2005 Euro Ⅴ, gb3847 - 2005
    Tire specifications: 6.50-16LT 10PR, 6.50R16LT 10PR, 7.00-16LT 8PR, 7.00R16LT 8PR
    Engine parameters
    Engine model Engine production enterprise نقل مکانی (ایم ایل) پاور (کوا)
    Weichai Power Yangzhou Diesel Engine Co., لمیٹڈ.
    Kunming cloud internal power Limited by Share Ltd
    Kunming cloud internal power Limited by Share Ltd
    Jiangsu four Da Power Machinery Group Co., لمیٹڈ.
    FAW liberation Automobile Co., لمیٹڈ, Wuxi diesel engine factory
    Guangxi Yulai Power Machinery Co., لمیٹڈ.
    Other information
    Special function description:
    1, the effective volume of tank body 1.96 کیوبک میٹر, transport medium: liquid dirt, density 800 kilograms per cubic meter, tank shape size (long * لمبا محور * مختصر محور) (ملی میٹر) is: 2600 * 1250 * 900; 2, side protection and rear lower protection devices are Q235A material, all use welding connection, the rear protection section size (ملی میٹر): 240 * 50, rear protection leave Height (ملی میٹر): 500; 3, ABS model: 3CM4XL-4S/4K (4S / 4M), ABS production enterprise: Guangzhou Automotive Brake Technology Development Co., لمیٹڈ; 4, text injection position, vehicle color and local details can be changed. 5, chassis selection of the cab.

    mini fecal suction truck

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