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  • JAC 15000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک
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  • JAC 15000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک

    1. ماڈل: CLW5251GXWC5

    2. انجن: 290 گھوڑے کی طاقت

    3. اخراج: یورو 5

    4. Tank: 15000 لیٹر

    5. سائز: 9400x2500x3300mm

    6. JAC 15000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک

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    JAC نکاسی سکشن ٹرک مینوفیکچرر

    JAC 15000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک, classical white cab with luxurious inner equipment and easy control system. 290 گھوڑے کی طاقت, euro5 diesel emission standard, 3 axles and 15000 liters tank, equipped with italy brand suction pump. Totally 8 units for Ecolog integrated service Solutions company.

    10000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک

    The special part of the suction truck consists of a power take-off, a drive shaft, a special vacuum suction pump, a high-pressure forming manure tank, a water-gas separator, an oil and gas separation, a multi-way reversing valve, a boom, a suction gun, and a pipe network system. It is equipped with a vacuum pressure gauge, a stained window (tube), and a hand washing device.

    15000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک

    The suction truck adopts the internationally-leading special suction pump, جس بڑے سکشن طاقت اور طویل سکشن اسٹروک ہے. یہ سکشن کے لئے خاص طور پر موزوں ہے, loading and unloading of sludge in the sewer, especially for sucking sewage mud, گدھ, stone and brick. Large objects such as blocks, and substances with a small water content. Pumping full (soil) tank time: ≤ 5min, suction: ≥ 10m. Self-priming and self-discharging, long life, fast working speed and convenient transportation.

    There are two ways of pumping sewage trucks: pressurized discharge and self-flow discharge. The suction truck can self-prime and discharge, the back cover can open and self-unload the impurities in the tank, and the suction efficiency is high, self-priming, self-discharging and direct irrigation. خصوصیات, fast and easy to operate. Suitable for use in large, medium and small towns sanitation and municipal departments.

    pipe system on sewage suction truck

    Suction truck: Suction truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects, transfers and transports sludge and sewage to avoid secondary pollution. According to brand classification: Dongfeng sewage truck, liberation sewage truck, Futian sewage truck, heavy truck suction Cars, Shaanxi Automobile suction trucks, Jianghuai sewage trucks are classified according to their appearance: single-bridge suction trucks, double-bridge suction trucks, flat-head suction trucks, and pointed suction trucks.

    JAC sewage suction truck supplier

    As more other details like the picture or related parameters of JAC 15000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک , pls contact us directly:mail: sales@cl-spv.com or wechat/whatsapp: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com

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